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Jamel Guerrero
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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jul. 12, 2016 3 years ago

Before his time: Jamel Guerrero uses a basketball unlike most 6-year-olds

Jamel Guerrero, 6, does things with a basketball that are well beyond his years.
by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

Ever wondered what would happen, if a kid befriended a basketball? Pay close attention on the basketball court to 6-year-old Jamel Guerrero—who should be playing in sandboxes—and you will have your answer.

For his second birthday, Jamel’s father, Eric, an assistant girls basketball coach at Flagler Palm Coast, gave him a basketball that came with one stipulation.

“I told him to take it everywhere we went; to the store, movies, anywhere,” he said. “I didn’t care if he dribbled it or not; he just had to bring it.”

After watching Jamel play this past weekend against 7- and 8-year-olds in the Ormond YMCA Basketball League, it seems like his best friend, Spalding, has paid off. He was clearly better than nearly everyone on the court. Whether he was shooting from close to 3-point range, dribbling past the entire team or grabbing steals from kids who could or couldn’t dribble, Jamel showed that he should be playing with an even older age group.

This kid can dribble between his legs, behind his back, and he can even dribble two ball at the same time through cones. I couldn’t dribble between my legs or behind my back until I was in middle school, and I still can’t dribble two balls at the same time.

Because I just can’t let this first-grader show me up, I’ve challenged him to a free throw contest. He was man enough—or kid enough—to accept. I know I have 23 years on him, but that doesn’t seem to matter, since I can’t dribble two balls like he can...and, I was a decent high school point guard.

Jamel may or may not beat me shooting free throws (I can’t believe I just admitted that), but now will probably be the only time non-basketball players will ever again beat him in any basketball-related events, for the rest of his life. So just remember thatt if he makes it to the NBA, and I beat him in a free throw contest, I can always hold it over his head.

To see Jamel in action, watch his videos below.


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