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Sheriff candidate Larry Jones, a Democrat, speaks during a candidate forum Aug. 8. (File photo)
Palm Coast Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016 3 years ago

Republicans far outspend Democrats in race for Sheriff

Sheriff candidate Rick Staly has spent more than any other candidate for countywide office has raised.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

The six Republicans vying for the position of Flagler County sheriff have so far have vastly out-raised and outspent the two Democrats and one no party affiliation candidate, with former undersheriff Rick Staly raising by far the most money, much of it his own. 

Staly has raised $121,180 — more than twice as much as any other candidate in any countywide race in Flagler, according to campaign finance reports available on the Flagler County Supervisor of Elections website. Staly spent more on advertising in the month of June alone — $26,293.11 — than incumbent Sheriff Jim Manfre, a Democrat, has raised; and he has spent more money overall than any other candidate in a county-wide race has raised.

Three other Republican candidates have also raised more than Manfre, who has raised $18,791. Manfre's competitor in the Democratic primary, former Sheriff's Office sergeant Larry Jones, has raised $8,240.

The only no party affiliation candidate in the race, Thomas Dougherty, has raised just $600, all from himself. He's spent more than that, recording $847.20 in expenditures. One other candidate, Republican Chris Yates, has also recorded more in expenditures than contributions: He's raised $4,285 and spent $5,134.47.

Here’s a look at how much candidates for sheriff have raised and spent, and where it’s coming from and where it's going.

Rick Staly (R):
$121,180 in monetary contributions. 
$70,713.91 in monetary expenditures. 
Staly gave his campaign a $50,000 loan in September 2015. He spent $26,293.11 on advertising with Dixie Strategies of St. Augustine in June, and another $8,466.3 in March. Staly has many local donations, but he also has had more and larger out of town and out of state donations than other candidates. 

John Lamb (R): 
$34,262 in monetary contributions. 
$28,781.30 in monetary expenditures.
Lamb has not made large donations to himself, though he’s made a few loans to himself in the hundreds of dollars, including $355 in October 2015, and $306.85 in November 2015. He spent $2,650 on signs at F.O.P. Lodge 350 in Jacksonville in May 2016, and $3,145 for a golf tournament at Palm Harbor in April 2016. Most of his donations are local. Some donors are from Jacksonville. 

Jerry O’Gara (R): 
$25,630.55 in monetary contributions. 
$23,381.93 in monetary expenditures. 
O’Gara donated $3,000 to himself in July. In the same month, he spent $9,030 on TV ads, and, earlier in July, he spent $5,515 on radio ads. The bulk of his doantions have been from Palm Coast residents, but a few have been from New York, where O'Gara was a Rikers Island prison guard. He loaned himself $3,000 in December 2015, $900 in May 2015, and $400 in April 2015.

Donald Fleming (R):  
$19,875.99 in monetary contributions. 
$17,274.78 in monetary expenditures.
Fleming spent $1,034.80 on a luncheon after a golf outing at the Halifax Golf Club in Ormond Beach in May 2016, and $913.77 on postcards and labels in July. He spent $464.51 in Oct. 2015 on campaign shirts. Most of his donations have been local. 

Jim Manfre (D): 
$18,791 in monetary contributions. 
$8,382.06 in monetary expenditures.
Manfre’s biggest single contribution was a $10,000 loan to himself in Dec. 2015. He had a $1,000 donation in July from Rustin Kluge, a farmer who has been involved in the iniative to legalize medical marijuana in Florida and who founded a marijuana farming operation in Oregon. Manfre spent $763.42 on postcard printing in early August. He spent $100 on campaign development by Carmichael McMillan in April.

Mark Whisenant (R): 
$12,380.48 in monetary contributions. 
$10,184.14 in monetary expenditures.
Whisenant loaned himself $2,292.82 on Aug. 1, and spent it on mailing and printing at Midlantic Marketing in Daytona Beach. He spent $860 on campaign signs and handouts in June, and $250 on TMI Entertainment Group for “entertainment” in July.

Larry Jones (D): 
$8,240 in monetary contributions.
$8,094.79 in monetary expenditures.
Jones' largest contribution was a $2,550 loan to himself in June. He reported $1,555 in monetary donations in July 2016. Most were small donations, mostly from local residents. He donated $610 to himself in August 2016.

Chris Yates (R): 
$4,285 in monetary contributions. 
$5,134.47 in monetary expenditures.
Yates received a $1,000 donation from the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, a union affiliated with the Service Employees International Union, in January 2016. He spent $762 on yard signs from Vinny the Printer’s in Palm Coast in April. 

Thomas Dougherty (NPA): 
$600 in monetary contributions. 
$847.20 in monetary expenditures.
Dougherty has had no contributions since February, and all of his contributions have been from himself. His last contribution, in February, was a $500 contribution  to himself. The same month, he spent $249.19 on lawn signs and Xerox copies. His only other contribution is another $100 from himself in November 2015.


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