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Palm Coast Thursday, Mar. 29, 2018 2 years ago

Letters on Joe Mullins, Humane Society, Whiteview Parkway

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Stop mudslinging against Joe Mullins

Dear Editor:

I was totally offended by the article the Palm Coast Observer published about Joe Mullins in the March 22 edition.

Our community does not need or want sensational and scandalous headlines or articles that rely on he said, she said quotes. 

Were the people quoted from Augusta accusing the candidate Joe Mullins involved in a "honey trap" conspiracy? Is it responsible for community journalism to participate in mudslinging and smear campaigning? Why not report on positive impacts Mr. Mullins has make in the community? Just last week Mr. Mullins handed over a check to our Flagler Schools Education Foundation for $4,000.

Are the issues important to report, or just libelous accusations?

As a long time resident of Flagler County, specifically Palm Coast, you've let me down. Children read and see your headlines. Are you being responsible to the community by printing these type of headlines and unsubstantiated articles?

I guess you can't keep the infected national media trends from invading our little slice of paradise.

Andrew Dziugas Grybauskas 

Palm Coast

Editor's Note: The stories about Joe Mullins have been substantiated. Also, in the March 22 edition, the Palm Coast Observer published a photo of the check presentation by Joe Mullins for $4,000 to the Education Foundation.

Palm Coast: 'a hidden jewel' of Florida

Dear Editor:

My husband and I came down from Massachusetts in 2004 to visit. We were not planning to relocate at all, but when we arrived we fell in love with Palm Coast.

We came again, during Hurricane Frances, and of course were unable to see any properties, so we made plans to come back later, and we purchased a home and moved in June 2005.

At this time, I want to thank all elected officials and residents in the city for making it what it is. All the work done by our various elected officials and residents themselves show dedication and willingness to keep this city a wonderful place to live. We are proud to show visiting family and friends around the city. 

We had ample opportunities to volunteer and make new friends, and we hope to see our city grow at a pace we can handle and continue to enjoy. This does not happen without the dedication and time commitment of all of us, and I look forward to continued retirement in this jewel of a city.

Anne Rowe

Palm Coast

City or county should pave Humane Society entrance

Dear Editor:

For those who don’t know, the Humane Society always takes newspapers and aluminum cans to raise badly needed money. Any place else I have lived, the county always owns and operates the humane society. Apparently not here.

You would think the city or county could at least donate enough money to pave the short entrance off U.S. 1, which is really nothing but holes and is worse after a rain. They need all the help they can get. 

Bill Simpson

Palm Coast

Whiteview plan doesn't make sense

Dear Editor:

Thanks to City Councilwoman Heidi Shipley for questioning the viability of the Whiteview Parkway realignment project, which I am totally against.

The current four lanes work rather well as is, and my one regret is that the full four lanes do not continue all the way to Belle Terre Parkway. Currently, when entering Whiteview from Rolling Sands, it is frequently a slow process due to the level of traffic on Whiteview. I can't imagine how much slower the process will be if they take away two lanes of the road.

In addition, conditions will only get worse if we are forced to rely on U-turns to navigate the area. And why should we sacrifice the loss of two traffic lanes for a bike path all the way out to U.S. 1, when there are no bike paths on U.S. 1 itself in that area?

Adding turn lanes at the appropriate cross-roads would go a long way to reduce confusion and danger. That, I think, would be a much more cost effective and less confusing solution to the problem. It is time for the city officials to listen to the citizens.

Bob Hibbert

Palm Coast


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