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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jul. 9, 2019 7 months ago

Your Town: Palm Coast native serves aboard U.S. Navy submarine

Also in Your Town: Palm Coast artist shows work in California.
by: Paige Wilson Community Editor

Machinist Mate (Auxiliary) 2nd Class Nathan Hutches, a Matanzas High School graduate and Palm Coast native, is currently serving aboard a Los Angeles-class submarine USS Albany (SSN 753), according to a press release from the Navy Office of Community Outreach. He is one of the few submariners to have gone through dive school and passed.

“Dive school was a completely different experience from anything I’ve ever faced,” Hutches said in the news release. “In the mornings, we’d do land based physical training like a three-mile run, but of course you would never just run. We would stop to do bear crawls, we’d do what always seemed like a million pushups, and, sometimes, we’d carry anchor chains on a run.”

To be accepted to the course, candidates must to pass as intense physical fitness and swim test at their home units, which must be documented by their command. Getting to dive school is only the beginning of the battle; for those who do make it into the course, many will not finish.


Also in Your Town:

Palm Coast artist shows work in California

"Dunkin Donuts ' Painting. 36" x 48", Acrylic on Canvas. Work by Palm Coast photorealist artist Emile Dillon II

Palm Coast photorealist artist Emile Dillon II will show his work at the Skidmore Gallery in Santa Monica, California, this July. The opening will be Saturday, July 27at the gallery.

Dillon's work transports viewers to a distinct and particular setting. His work varies from movie theater signs to restaurants, diners and hotels, each defined by an exact moment, like a photograph. 

“The things that I really liked when I was a kid are gone,” he said in a press release. “I try to preserve a little bit of history and my paintings force people to see what I see.  My use of vibrant colors also helps to focus on that.”

He has been with the Skidmore Gallery for over four years and his work has been seen throughout the U.S.


Celebrating Independence Day

Palm Coast City manager Matt Morton celebrates Independence Day with his family, Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland and City Councilman Nick Nick Klufas. Courtesy photo

Palm Coast City Manager Matt Morton experienced his first “Fireworks in the Park” celebration in Palm Coast with his family, Mayor Milissa Holland and City Councilman Nick Klufas on Wednesday, July 3, at Central Park in Town Center.


Women’s self-defense class

Local businesses Jukido Jujitsu Academy and Crazy Sock Divas have been in partnership since 2016 to empower women to be more proactive in their safety with their Diva Defense Class. This year, they are offering a practical, effective and realistic self-defense class with their message centering on the concept that a woman’s “no” needs to contain more than just hope.

“We aren’t going to have women beat up a guy in a padded suit who can barely move,” said Master George Rego, chief instructor at Jukido Academy. “This just isn’t the way a real-life, dynamic, aggressive attacker is going to move. Our approach takes into account real threats and the harsh reality of being attacked by someone who is physically bigger, stronger, and more athletic. We consider all variables and do our best to empower women with solid information, tactics, and techniques, but not mislead them by providing a training method that doesn’t reflect real force dynamics.”

The Diva Defense Class will take place on Sept. 21, at Jukido Academy in Palm Coast where the Crazy Sock Divas invite women and young girls ages 12 and up to participate in a two-hour, informative hands on course in women’s self-defense. The course will provide valuable information on how to become a harder target for a predator, as well as teach hands-on maneuvers in realistic escape and defense scenarios. Tickets purchased through early registration are $20, until Sept. 1, and go up to $25 after. Participants can register at

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