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Palm Coast Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011 9 years ago

World traveler lands locally

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

If your bucket list yearns for the perfect partner in either tournament or casual golf play, please don’t trip over the name Mike Joyce because you’ll not find one better. He belts the ball a ton and can score with the best.

Few here know that he came out of the high Colorado mountains, the small town of Antonito, never took up the game until age 28 and has calmly belted out a 77 at the Matanzas Course. He’s had several 79s since then but claims he no longer plays nearly that well.

If you’re looking for conversation on your way to victory with Joyce, try this on for size. He came out of Brigham Young, entered the Foreign Service of the Department of State and retired as minister-counselor, the equivalent of a two-star general. He has given his all for this country, with postings in Manila; Rangoon, Burma; Stuttgart, Germany; and Moscow, a three-time appointment.

But you know what is so special about Joyce? He sees the good in others, never complains and sincerely praises accomplishments when the score is 80, 90 or 100.

As for his start in golf, Joyce relates: “I was completely new to the game when taking it up in Rangoon. The British, who had held Burma as a colony, left a good course just outside Rangoon. Karen and I took lessons there at 50 cents an hour. We also played, surprisingly, in Havana. Castro had closed all courses in Cuba except for one, a golf course for the diplomats.”

In the final summation, good golf or not so good, Mike Joyce is a star.

Yankees tattoos?
When I first met a youthful Rick McBane, at Grand Reserve, he proudly spoke of giving his soul to the New York Yankees and the many season tickets he purchased at Yankee Stadium. When my past with the Red Sox was revealed, he pulled up his sleeve and proudly showed me large Yankees tattoos.

“If you need more”, he said, “look at this,” and he pulled up the other sleeve with more tattoos of faith in the Yankees.

Golf or no golf, Red Sox nation knew when to take the loss. George Pollio, where were you when I needed BoSox help the most?

The most improbable fortune in the game of golf is the coveted hole-in-one. Randy Kremkau accomplished the feat at St. Augustine Shores, a sister course to Grand Reserve.

Kremkau pulled out a 5-iron from his golf bag and nailed the fifth hole from 140 yards out.

Looking on with as much joy was spouse Linda Kremkau and two friends, Carol and Gary Wissing.
Kremkau is well known in this area as president of the Maryland Club.

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