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Palm Coast Monday, Jun. 25, 2018 2 years ago

Woman tries to walk out of Palm Coast Kohl's with items totaling over $300

Heidi Lynn Gibson, 46, was charged with shoplifting/grand theft.
by: Ray Boone Contributing Writer

A woman tried to walk out of a Palm Coast Kohl’s with cosmetics and several pieces of jewelry on Saturday, June 23, according to a charging affidavit by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Heidi Lynn Gibson, 46, of Palm Coast, was stopped by loss prevention employee Matthew Rice at the Kohl’s located at 655 Palm Coast Parkway SW. Rice told deputies that, through video surveillance, he had observed Gibson shopping in the cosmetics department. She selected several cosmetic items and put them into her cart. She had previously selected several items from around the store and put them into her cart. She then went to the home goods section at the rear of the store. She was standing in between two aisles of merchandise, and it appeared she was looking at the pillow selection. Rice told deputies he was able to see what items were in the cart at the time. Gibson then walked out of view of the camera. When she came back into view, several items from her cart were missing. In addition, when she finished shopping, she was observed paying for several items — none of the items were cosmetics or headbands that had previously been seen in the cart.

Rice approached Gibson as she tried to walk out of the store. In her purse were 14 items worth a total of $320.98 before tax.

Gibson was charged with shoplifting/grand theft and was taken to the Flagler County Inmate Facility without incident. 

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