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Palm Coast Wednesday, Sep. 22, 2021 1 year ago

Why no US flag on pole for 9-11? Palm Coast says the pole has been fixed and 'We will do better'

Plus three more letters: on 9/11, tortoises and city manager search
by: Brian McMillan Contributing Writer

Dear Editor:

I would like to know why, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11/2001, one of the busiest, most visible flagpoles (at Palm Coast Parkway and Old Kings Road) in the city of Palm Coast was bare?

Facebook came alive! People came out to fly their flags.

Low and behold, it wasn't just the flag at Old Kings and Palm Coast Parkway that was missing; so was the flag at Indian Trails Sports Complex. How many others were taken down on 9/11/2021?

By the way, I would like to personally thank Fire Chief and Interim Assistant City Manager Gerald Forte for having his flag raised to half staff to honor those lost on 9/11/2001. From the bottom of my heart thank you, Chief Forte. You are forever a hero in my eyes.

Suzanna "Sue" Urban

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: According to the city of Palm Coast, the flag pole’s internal cabling system was inoperable in the weeks leading up to Sept. 11. Moreover, the trees behind the pole at Old Kings and Palm Coast Parkway have grown to the point that they encroach on the flag when it is at half staff. “The crew made a determination on Friday, Sept. 10, that it would be better to take the flag down rather than display it incorrectly. … Obviously, removing the flag was not the best solution,” Director of Public Information and Engagement Brittany Kershaw wrote. “The proper display of our flag is enormously important to the city, and we will do better.”

Tree trimming was completed Sept. 13, and the pole was fixed. “Plans to move this flagpole are underway so that tree issues do not become a hindrance in the future,” Kershaw wrote.


Thanks for your thoughts on 9/11

Dear Editor:

In response to last week’s letter on 9/11, titled “Our greatness is our acceptance and diversity,” I wish to say, Bravo and thank you! Do you have any interest in running for political office? Your wisdom, intellect and reason are desperately needed locally and afar. I, for one, would welcome your presence and views.  Your thoughtful interpretation of events is exactly what the people of this nation need!

Joan Whittemore 

Palm Coast 


Try Cornelia Manfre as city manager

Dear Editor:

Why is the city of Palm Coast conducting a search around the country for a city manager when you have the best candidate for the job right here in Palm Coast?

Mayoral candidate Cornelia Manfre is the perfect choice. She is intimately familiar with the city. To bring in a candidate who knows nothing of this area is a waste of time. 

Larry Amaturo

Palm Coast


Change needed in hefty price for relocating tortoises

Dear Editor:

My husband and I bought a lot in the F-section and contracted with a local builder last September. In February, we were informed that there were gopher tortoises on our lot and the city of Palm Coast put a “hold” on construction until the gopher tortoises were relocated.  

Relocating the gopher tortoises took six weeks and cost $13,000. Although the rules and regulations are put forth by the Florida Wildlife Commission, they only issue the permit for relocation; the actual relocation is done by a private contractor who moves the tortoises to private land.

Both of these services (moving and receiving) charge hefty fees, and there is no alternative. Who regulates the fees?

This system needs to be re-evaluated.

We sent an email to the Florida Wildlife Commission expressing our concerns about the large amount of money being charged for these “services,” and we were told that “the demand for relocation due to development exceeds the ability of state staff resources.”

The FWC has a meeting on Oct. 6-7 in St. Augustine, and public comments are “welcomed” in person or by mail. I encourage other people to express their concerns to the FWC. 

Annmarie and Don Brennan

Palm Coast

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