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Palm Coast Monday, Jan. 11, 2016 3 years ago

What to Watch in 2016: Who are you voting for?

Sheriff’s race has drawn the most candidates.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

Six local elected seats are up for grabs in the upcoming 2016 elections: those of Flagler County sheriff, Flagler County supervisor of elections, Flagler County clerk of court, Flagler County commissioner for District 1, Flagler County commissioner for District 5, and School Board member for District 5.

The candidates who have registered so far are overwhelmingly Republican.


The Sheriff's Office race has by far attracted the most registered candidates so far, with seven lining up to attempt to oust incumbent Sheriff James Manfre. Among the candidates are Manfre's former undersheriff, Rick Staly, and former Sheriff Donald Fleming, who served before Manfre's current term in office.

Staly has raised more money for the race than any other candidate in the Sheriff's Office race so far, by far — for any other local race.

Staly's contribution reports submitted so far through the Flagler County Supervisor of Elections office show a total of $90,075 in monetary contributions, $50,000 of which consists of a loan from Staly to his own campaign. The rest of the money comes from a variety of sources.

The only other Sheriff's Office candidate to raise $10,000 or more is John Thomas Lamb, who has raised $10,166.84, of which $489.99 is from his own money.

Of the other candidates, Donald Fleming has raised $6,819.99; Gerard John O'Gara has raised $4,578.55; James L. Manfre, the incumbent, has raised $2,531.68; Mark Whisenant has raised $2,103.00; Christopher Yates has raised $775 and Thomas Dougherty has raised $100.

With the exception of Manfre, who is a Democrat, and Dougherty, who has no party affiliation, all of the Sheriffs Office candidates are Republicans.

Clerk of courts

There's only one registered candidate so far in the race for the County Clerk of Courts position: Tom Bexley, the current chief operations officer for the clerk of courts office. Belly, a Republican, has raised $20,875 for the campaign. Current county Clerk of Court Gail Wadsworth is not running for reelection, and has backed Bexley's campaign.

Supervisor of elections

Three people, all Republicans, ave so far entered the race for the Supervisor of Elections position:
Current supervisor Kaiti Lenhart, who has raised $550; Kimble Medley, who has not yet reported any contributions, and Abra Seay, who has raised $1,045.

County commission

Two people have registered to run for the County Commission District 1 seat currently held by Commissioner Charlie Ericksen, but one candidate, Republican Mark Richter, has withdrawn from the race.

The remaining candidate is Daniel Potter — like Ericksen, a Republican. He has not yet reported any contributions. Ericksen has not yet filed his paperwork with the elections office.

There's just one candidate listed for the County Commission District 5 race so far: Donald O'Brien, a Republican who has not yet listed ay contributions.

The seat is currently held by George Hanns, a Democrat and the county's longest serving commissioner. Hanns has said he'll run again but has not yet filed his paperwork with the elections office.

School board

Two people, Maria Barbosa and Myra Middleton-Valentine, have filed to run for the District 5 School Board seat currently held by School Board member Sue Dickinson.

Dickinson has not filed to run. Barbosa has reported $4,000 in contributions, and Middleton-Valentine has reported $200. School Board races are non-partisan.

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