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Palm Coast Thursday, Sep. 24, 2015 4 years ago

What’s in a name? If your dog gets out what are you screaming down the street?

Is it easier to name your kids or your pet?
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

As I was visiting with my “nephew dog” Trip-E this week, while his mom and brother Char-Lee were at a library event, I got to thinking about names, specifically -- pet names.

For example the mop of black fur at my feet; is his name Trip-E because, despite the fact he is not a small dog, he can trip you up, or because his personality is definitely a “trip?”

As you might expect we have had many animals over the years. Some we have named and others, like our cat Samantha, who had three owners before settling into the Estes household, kept their adopted names. The same was true for her predecessor Sam who was eight years old when we adopted him and keeping the name seemed the right thing to do.

Years ago I had a dog we named Shadow. Shadow was a solid black Labrador/chow mix, and she got lost in the shadows. But my kids had a different idea, and one that proved true – she was MY shadow, following me everywhere. Shortly after that we got Luna, a golden retriever/chow mix.        

We have a sweet little thing, and a Corgi !, who graces the Palm Coast Observer office from time to time. Her name is Missy and it fits her perfectly. She is the opposite of my corgi, Kodi. She’s calm and quiet and quite the little miss. The only way Kodi is coming to the office is if we need employees or customers herded somewhere.

The names often reflect the owner, or more precisely the owner’s age. In our house we had a cat named Catra, My daughter was six years old when she named him, and yes, it was a male cat.  Finally there is Sheriff Kodi Robot Dog, Kodi’s full name given to him by my youngest, a college student at the time.

The days of Spot, Fido, and Tramp, are  gone. Oh I am sure there are a few still out there, but sit in a veterinarian’s office and listen to the patients being called. More than likely you are going to hear Priscilla, Sandy, Billy, and Buddy, and a few Kodis. But hopefully there's only one Sheriff Kodi Robot Dog.

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