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Palm Coast Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016 3 years ago

We're number one! Palm Coast leads nation in lawn care workers per 1,000 jobs

A blog associated with the Texas-based company LawnStarter dug up the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics charts.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

Palm Coast has long prided itself on being green — literally. The city repeatedly wins the national Tree City USA Award, and its residents, in city surveys, often laud its verdant appearance. 

But the neatly trimmed lawns and lush greens that are the pride of the town don't get that way on their own. The Palm Coast metropolitan area leads the nation in the concentration of lawn care workers relative to the total workforce: 39.2 lawn care workers per 1,000 jobs in 2014, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

That became the subject of a Feb. 17 blog post written by John Egan of LawnStarter — a Texas-based company that "helps people find, schedule, pay for and manage lawn care services in various U.S. markets," according to Egan's summary — who emailed the Palm Coast Observer to tell us of his find. 

Egan has the full story, including a look at the other cities on the national top 10 list in lawn-care workers per 1,000 jobs (seven of the 10 are in Florida), here:

Detailed charts and graphs are available on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, here:

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