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Ryan will hold an art showcase Nov. 12, at Hollingsworth Gallery.
Palm Coast Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011 7 years ago

Weldon Ryan named artist of the year

by: Mike Cavaliere Multimedia Director

Weldon Ryan, who was recently named the Gargiulo Foundation’s 2011 Flagler County Artist of the Year, used to be a sketch artist for New York City’s police forensic unit.

He once drew such a spot-on sketch of a murder suspect that the man inadvertently turned himself in after seeing the drawing taped onto a police department’s window.

“Hey, that’s me!” he told the cops inside, who promptly slapped on a pair of cuffs.

Ryan has also been on “The Riki Lake Show,” and his work has been featured on CNN, “The Geraldo Rivera Show” and in “Nickelodeon Magazine.”

Currently, he works and teaches at Hollingsworth Gallery, in City Marketplace.

For the full story, check out Thursday’s print edition of the Palm Coast Observer.


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