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Palm Coast Monday, Apr. 3, 2017 2 years ago

Uber drivers — including me — should be regulated in Palm Coast

Also in letters this week: reactions to Palm Harbor Golf Course, Robert Ripley and April Fool's.

Dear Editor:

As an Uber driver, I do agree that regulation is a good thing, as I have also heard not good things about some drivers and car conditions.

Like in any other job, there will be bad apples. However, Uber does regulate and verify its drivers, from time to time, by using an image recognition, speed checks and monitoring braking.

It will, however, be beneficial for Uber to allow passengers to request drivers of their preference, to reward the best ones. Repeated unfavorable ratings would eliminate a driver from the Uber system. 

If regulation and/or licensing is to be required in Palm Coast, then I am all for it, as I'm sure most drivers will agree. 

Hector Yanez

Palm Coast 

Use tourist tax to subsidize the Palm Harbor Golf Course

Dear Editor:

Both the Palm Harbor Golf Course and predecessor of the Tennis Center (Player's Club) were sales tools for the developers of Palm Coast to sell real estate. The developers have long left Palm Coast, but the poor suckers (my wife and I are in this group) who bought into it were left behind.

As is customary, business privatized the profits and left the liabilities behind to be carried by the taxpayers.

The city has several choices. One would be to get out of the tennis and the golf recreation business or make up the difference using money from the general tax revenue like they do for Parks and Recreation. This "solution" would create political heat from the couch potato types who are opposing such expenditures.

We should investigate other solutions that would benefit the public, not necessarily special interest groups. 

During my working days, I traveled a lot, stayed in hotels all over the country. I never objected to paying for the room but I objected to the "transient occupancy tax" commonly referred to as "tourist tax.” I considered such tax as taxation without representation. If you recall, our revolution for independence from England started out as a tax issue without representation.

I am proposing to use tourist tax to support Palm Harbor Golf course and the Tennis Center. In order to benefit the tourists staying in Flagler County, hotels and inns, grant them discount for the use of our facilities. This program could be advertised on I-95 billboards and web travel sites, naming participating hotels. "If you stay here for two nights, play 18 holes for $30.”

In time, this program could be expanded to rehabilitate the Matanzas golf course for our tourist friends’ benefit. Further extension of this program could include the Agricultural Museum, the county fairgrounds and the county fishing property in the west side of Flagler County.

We have many smart people in Flagler County. Let's work together and find a cost effective, progressive solution for this problem for the benefit of people of Palm Coast and Flagler County. Is that too much to ask?

Alex Mecseri 

Palm Coast

April Fool’s edition was not funny

Dear Editor:

I did not appreciate the humor in your headline about renaming Palm Coast "Hollandtown.” With the current spending of serious money on dubious radio spots, the humor is somehow lost.

William  Brattain

Palm Coast

Ripley is right: Sometimes you’re not as good as you think you are

Dear Editor:

Let's face it: Football is not for the faint of heart. Football is violent. Football brings out profanity. Football brings out the macho attitude, both with players and coaches. If you can't take it, like Mike Wilbon says on ESPN, take up golf instead of football.

I'm in Matanzas football coach Robert Ripley's corner. Sometimes a kid needs to be told he is not as good as he thinks he is. It is part of growing up, and realizing that maybe the coach is right and not what you or your parents think.

Lynn Stote

Palm Coast

Ripley is a competitive coach and a fine man

Dear Editor:

My, my, my. The poor little dear got his itsy bitsy feelings hurt. The plain fact is that nobody is forcing him to try out for the football team.

I have known coach Robert Ripley for most of his life, and he is a fine man in every respect, and his ability to coach speaks for itself.

My contact with Robert is through the Flagler Palm Coast championship wrestling program, and he knows what it takes to be a champion. There are dozens of schools that would hire him as a coach in a heartbeat.

W. Farris McGee

Flagler Beach


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