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Palm Coast Friday, Aug. 2, 2019 1 year ago

U.S. Congressman Mike Waltz tours the Coastal Storm Risk Management Project in Flagler Beach

County Engineer Faith Alhatib led the update and review of the seawalls on north and south of the Pier.
by: Paola Rodriguez Staff Writer

U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz applauded the efficient, combined efforts between many organizations involved in the effort to strengthen Flagler County's coast, during a tour on Aug. 1. County Engineer Faith Alkhatib led the tour, which was attended by county staff and press, along with Ron Meade, Florida Department of Transportation operations engineer for District 5; Alan Hyman, FDOT District 5 director; and County Commissioner Dave Sullivan.

The group first visited the north side, where the seawall has been completed and is being covered and surfaced with dunes vegetation.

However, there were concerns about the strength, durability, and maintenance of the projects. Waltz said he will be looking for more alternatives and emerging technologies that would offer a longer term solution.

The project will be followed by the renourishment interval averaging 11 years over the project's 50-year life. Funding is 65% federal. 

Waltz is aware of climate changes and sea levels rising around the world and Florida directly. He is also part of the American Flood Coalition, a nonpartisan group that has come together to drive adaptation to the reality of higher seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding.

The tour ended with Waltz chatting with local business owners. He emphasized the importance of having leaders that get out in the field to hear directly from the impacted community to make the right decisions. While there are multiple issues to attend to, Waltz said he is focused “right here, right now” on the future of Flagler Beach.   

County Engineer Faith Alkhatib, Congressman Mike Waltz, and Ron Meade. Photo by Paola Rodriguez
County Engineer Faith Alkhatib, Deland Operations Engineer Ron Meade, Director of transportation Operations Alan Hyman, Congressman Waltz, and county commissioner Dave Sullivan on north Flagler Beach. Photo by Paola Rodriguez
Congressman Mike Waltz reviews the tide and distance from the wall. Photo by Paola Rodriguez
County Commissioner Dave Sullivan and Congressman Mike Waltz. Photo by Paola Rodriguez
County Engineer Faith al-Khatib starts updating Congressman Waltz in the tour bus. Photo by Paola Rodriguez



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