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Palm Coast Friday, Oct. 2, 2015 3 years ago

Tucking in for the night

Should you allow your pet to share your bed?
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

When we bought our last bed I considered a queen-size, my husband convinced me to buy a king-size.  Good thing too…On some nights it can be downright crowded.

Before Kodi moved in our pets were not allowed on the bed. Now it is not uncommon to find a relatively small dog spread across an impressive amount of my side of the bed and a cat curled up at my head.

Apparently we are not the only couple who allow our animals to have their way. The American Pet Products Association conducted a survey that almost half of us allow our pets to sleep with us.

Opinions as to whether pets should allowed are varied and basically comes down to what is right for you. I know people with pet allergies who choose monthly allergy shots so they can keep their pets.

One limited research conducted at the 28th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in 2014 claimed pets disrupt sleep. The doctors gave 300 of their patients a survey about their pets and quality of sleep. Now, only 148 of these were pet owners, and of them; only 54% shared their bed or bedroom with a pet. Of the 54 %, 63 % had poor sleep quality and 5 % said they often had trouble falling back to sleep. It should be noted that there were those who reported feeling comforted by having their pets with them at night but we don’t know how many.

A bold headline told pet owners there was proof they need to stop sharing their beds with their animals. This proclamation was based on a very small number of people (I am not doing the math), who were already seeing a sleep specialist, and knew their sleep problems were pet related.

I am not a doctor but I believe the medical remedy for this is pretty straight forward. If your pet is disrupting your sleep don’t sleep with them!  That will be $200 please.

After years of the “no pets on the bed” rule I have discovered there is a calming effect for me, especially after a long day, to having a little canine and feline company as long as they leave me a little room and don’t sink their claws into my scalp.

Send me your pets….well photos of your pets

Do you have a funny story about your pet’s antics or how you adopted them? Of course you do. I know that my readers can whip out a cell phone and show photos of their pets with impressive speed, but it’s so time consuming to show the world your pet one person at a time.

Send me a photo of your precious pet (jpeg file please) and a brief story to [email protected]. They may be included in an upcoming article or as part of an online photo gallery.


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