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Palm Coast Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2016 3 years ago


Donald Trump got 9,684 votes, or 57.64% of the local Republican vote. Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in Flagler County with 6,152 votes, or 65.84% of the local Democratic vote.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in the Presidential Preference Primary in Flagler County, and in Florida.

With all 23 Flagler County precincts reporting, and early voting ballots and a portion of vote-by-mail ballots tallied, Trump won the Republican primary with 57.64% of the vote, and 9,684 local ballots cast. Clinton won the Democratic primary with 6,152 votes.

Trump's nearest challenger was Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who took just 20% of the Flagler County vote. (Rubio has now suspended his campaign, according to reporting in the New York Times, Washington Post and other national news sources.) 

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's got 14.19% of the vote, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich had 6.12%. (Some votes were cast for candidates who have dropped out of the race.) A total of 16,802 local votes had been tallied in the Republican primary.

In the Democratic race, former secretary of state Clinton got 65.84% of the Flagler County vote (6,152 votes) to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' 31.86% (2,977 votes). (Clinton also won the Democratic presidential primary in Flagler County in 2008: She got 5240 votes to President Barack Obama's 3031.) Martin O'Malley, who is no longer running, got 2.3%. A total of 9,344 Flagler County votes had been tallied in the Democratic primary.

Turnout was much higher among local Republicans than among local Democrats. 

Of Flagler County's 29,017 registered Republicans, about 58% voted in the primary. Of Flagler County's 24,532 registered Democrats, about 38% voted. There are also 20,555 people registered to vote with no party affiliation in Flagler County, and 1,888 registered with minor parties. 

Statewide, as of 11 a.m. March 16 with 99.97% of precincts reporting, Trump had 45.74% to Rubio’s 27.03%, Cruz’s 17.14% and Kasich’s 6.77%. A total of 2,354,950 votes had been tallied statewide in the Republican primary.

Clinton had 64.45% statewide to Sanders’ 33.27%. A total of 1,702,619 votes had been tallied statewide in the Democratic primary.

Florida's statewide results are roughly in line with recent polling: A March 14 Quinnipiac University poll showed Trump beating nearest rival Sen. Marco Rubio 46% to 22%, and Clinton leading Sen. Bernie Sanders  60% to 34%.

Florida has 99 Republican delegates and 214 Democratic delegates. A Republican candidate needs 1,237 delegates nationwide to secure nomination, while a Democratic candidate needs 2,383 delegates. Florida is a winner-takes-all state for Republicans, while for Democrats, delegates are allocated proportionally. 

Flagler County saw unusually high voter turnout this year for a presidential primary: 26,146 people — about 49% of the county’s 53,549 voters registered with either party — cast their ballots.

The high Flagler County turnout for this year's primary was expected, according to Flagler County Supervisor of Elections Kaiti Lenhart.

"I expect a great turnout and higher numbers than the 2012 Presidential Preference Primary Election," Lenhart said in a news release before the election. 

The 2012 Republican Presidential Preference Primary had a 35.6% turnout in Flagler County: 8,653 voters came out to the polls, out of 24,322 eligible. A total of 21,625 people cast votes in the 2008 Presidential Preference Primary. That number had been surpassed by 5 p.m. on March 15 2016.

In the Bunnell City Commission race, incumbents Bill Baxley and Elbert Tucker beat challenger Jan Reeger, and will keep their commission seats. 

With all four Bunnell precincts reporting, Baxley had 41.25% of the vote, Tucker had 36.85% and Reeger had 21.90%. A total of 863 votes had been tallied.

President: Republican (23 of 23 precincts reporting)
CandidatePercent Votes
Ted Cruz14.19% 2,385
John R. Kasich6.12% 1,029
Marco Rubio20.00% 3,361
Donald J. Trump57.64% 9,684
President: Democratic (23 of 23 precincts reporting)
CandidatePercent Votes
Hillary Clinton65.84% 6,152
Bernie Sanders31.86% 2,977
Bunnell City Commissioner (4 of 4 precincts reporting)
CandidatePercent Votes
Bill Baxley41.25% 356
Jan Reeger21.90% 189
Elbert Tucker36.85% 318
President: Republican (99.97% of precincts reporting statewide)
CandidatePercent Votes
Ted Cruz17.14% 403,552
John R. Kasich6.77% 159,415
Marco Rubio27.03% 636,630 
Donald J. Trump45.74% 1,077,104 
President: Democratic (99.97% of precincts reporting statewide)
CandidatePercent Votes
Hillary Clinton64.45% 1,097,318
Bernie Sanders33.27% 566,477




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