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Palm Coast Monday, Feb. 15, 2021 1 year ago

Total of 14.5% of Flagler County residents vaccinated for COVID-19

Flagler County is 12th out of the state's 67 counties in its vaccination rate.
by: Jonathan Simmons Managing Editor

A total of 14.5% of Flagler County's residents — over 16,000 — have been vaccinated for COVID-19, Flagler County Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord said at a Feb. 15 Flagler County Commission meeting.

The total includes Flagler County residents who were vaccinated in other counties, and puts Flagler County 12th out of the state's 67 counties in terms of the percentage vaccinated

Meanwhile, the county's positivity rate has been decreasing.

"We’re kind of over that little spike we got after the holidays," Lord said. "However, we still continue to see active virus spread in the community."

There have been a total of 5,637 COVID-19 cases in Flagler County, and 83 deaths.

As of this week, Lord said, the Florida Department of Health in Flagler County had received 1,300 vaccine doses, while local Publixes have received another 1,200.

In coming weeks, Lord added, residents can expect to see more private healthcare providers offer the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as Walmart, CVS and other grocery stores and pharmacies.

The county also expects to receive the remainder of its outstanding CARES Act reimbursement for COVID-19 related expenses by the end of this month, Lord said. 

Dr. Stephen Bickel, medical director of the Florida Department of Health-Flagler, said on Flagler Broadcasting's "Free For All Friday" radio program Feb. 12 that 300 million to 400 million vaccine doss are expected to be available nationwide by the summer, so people who want to get vaccinated will be able to.

"We’ve now vaccinated more people in the U.S. than there are documented number of cases," he said. "That isn't herd immunity, but it does have an impact."

The likely overall percentage of people who've either been vaccinated or had the vaccine nationally is likely around 25-30% when asymptomatic cases are accounted for, he said. 




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