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Three-hundred-and-one runners crossed the finish line at the Saturday, March 10, 5K/10K. PHOTO BY SHANNA FORTIER
Palm Coast Sunday, Mar. 6, 2011 9 years ago

Three hundred runners cross the finish line

by: Shanna Fortier Associate Editor

The annual Run for Your Life, sponsored by the Palm Coast Chamber of Commerce, saw 301 runners Saturday, March 5, cross the finish line.

The race was broken down into two distances this year, with 190 finishers in the 5K, 80 male and 110 female. The 10K, a new edition to the event, had 111 finishers, 52 male and 59 female.

The top five finishers for each race are as follows.

5K Top Five Male
Jamie Switzer                   16:48
Jim Fullarton                     17:26
Jonathan Baranowski     17:58
Michael Akialis                 19:37
Mickey Garrett                   20:29

5K Top Five Female
Nathalie Gauthier            20:41
Anna Walls                       22:44
Kathleen Parks                23:02
Amy Higgs                        23:15
Sharmon Moea                24:18

For searchable 5K results, click here.

10K Top Five Male
Andrew Epifanio             32:23
Kayle Fisher                    33:30
Jose Musso                     33:48
Tim Stegink                     35:15
Scott Graham                  37:19

10K Top Five Female
Kristen Cerasi                 36:02
Meghan MacArdy           37:11
Karen Keefe                    40:23
Carrie Meng                    41:42
Kori Dahlberg                 44:24

For searchable 10K results, click here.

For a photo gallery from the race, click here.

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