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Palm Coast Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018 1 year ago

This week in letters: Bobcats, bullies, Social Buzz

Here's what your neighbors are talking about in Palm Coast.
by: Guest Writer

Don't blame wildlife for being here

Dear Editor:

I’m deeply saddened and aggravated at the people of Palm Coast and Flagler Beach. The first solution to a wildlife issue is to hunt, trap, remove, or outright kill the animals. The people of Flagler County should be ashamed of themselves. We are far more of an invasive plague here than they are. They are just doing what they’re meant to do.

They certainly didn’t ask for a bunch of humans to move in and kick them out or kill them.

Sure, sometimes they can be annoying or even a little frightening. So learn about them. Work around them. Find a way to live with them. For a start, we need to stop filling every available inch of land with concrete buildings and roads. They don’t have anywhere else to go.

As for the bobcat issue, that’s an easy one: Keep your pets inside. It’s against the law anyway to let your pets roam around outdoors, and that includes cats. Take better care of your pets and this wouldn’t even be an issue. Honestly no one should be roaming around alone at night unarmed anyway. Let’s work together to help both sides, and not just ourselves. 

Elizabeth Tramontano

Palm Coast

Bullies will always find another victim

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Mary Ann Gulli for her letter regarding removing the bully instead of transferring the child who was bullied to a private school. She is 100% correct! Let the bully suffer! She is correct in saying the bully will find another victim! I have worked in a school system for almost 30 years and have seen a lot. I totally agree with her.

Pat Barile

Palm Coast


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