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Palm Coast Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018 1 year ago

Student, 15, threatens to commit school shooting at Buddy Taylor Middle School and kill herself

The teenager has been confined under a Baker Act.

A 15-year-old student at Buddy Taylor Middle School threatened to harm herself and others at the Palm Coast school after she was disciplined for being out of dress code Aug. 16, according to a news release from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

When a teacher told the student she was out of compliance with the dress code, the girl — who has a history of behavioral issues at the school — argued with the teacher and then started flipping chairs and throwing desks in the classroom, according to the news release. 

A school resource deputy was called, and when the deputy arrived, the girl threatened to kill herself.

As the deputy walked the girl to the dean’s office, the girl said she wanted to kill herself, the teacher, the deputy and other students.

She threatened to shoot up the school, and deputies began to treat the situation as a second degree misdemeanor — threatening to discharge a destructive device, a second degree felony — instead of simply a disruption of school functions, according to the news release.

The girl has been confined under a Baker Act, the state law that lets law enforcement officers have someone held for mental health evaluation if the person has threatened themselves or others. Deputies also submitted charges for the misdemeanor and the felony to the State Attorney’s Office for prosecution, according to the news release.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure school safety,” Sheriff Rick Staly said in the news release. “Our Deputies handled the mental health and behavior issues well and hopefully this student will get the help she needs. However, we will not tolerate anyone making threats to harm our students, faculty or schools.” 

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