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Palm Coast Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015 3 years ago

Stop criticizing Nobile; what's wrong with a Palm Coast Charter review?

City Councilman Steve Nobile's request for a Charter review is legitimate.

In defense of Councilman Nobile

Dear Editor:

I am always amazed when an individual resorts to name-calling and labeling rather than intellectually discussing an issue.

City Councilman Steve Nobile has legitimately brought up the idea that our Charter, which was adopted over 10 years ago, be reviewed. By the way, our Charter was copied almost word for word from the Charter of another city in Florida, and that Charter has been reviewed.

Letters from both Ms. Bellin and Mr. Cocchiola, rather than setting forth specific, persuasive reasons not to review same, instead call Mr. Nobile “anti-government Tea Party,” an “NRA gun seller,” claiming that “politicizing Palm Coast is his real goal” and that we must reject his “radical agenda.”

A smaller government and less taxes is our goal.

As vice-chairwoman of the Flagler County TEA Party, I can assure anyone reading this that no member is anti-government. A smaller government and less taxes is our goal.

I invite Ms. Bellin to come to any of our meetings and then offer an informed opinion. The NRA has a proud history and was instrumental in providing guns as protection for our black citizens targeted by the KKK.

Politicizing is the real goal? What can this mean?! Radical agenda? These remarks are not even logical.

Where was Mr. Cocchiola when earlier our City Council (prior to Mr. Nobile's election) voted to build the City Hall for millions of tax dollars without allowing us citizens to vote again on this? The prior vote was a resounding "No." Now that was radical.

Keep in mind that the head of the Democratic Party in this county, Ralph Lightfoot, agrees with this proposal of a review. Is he also a radical, and what is his hidden agenda?

I highly recommend that The Observer publish people's letters which set forth informed discourse of an issue rather than ones which rudely insult those with whom they disagree.

Kim Olson
Palm Coast

Editor's Note: The point about the NRA being founded to help fight the KKK was addressed by Politifact and found to be without merit. See the article here.

Petty opposition clouds the reasonable request for a Charter review

Dear Editor:

The pettiness and nastiness over City Councilman Steven Nobile’s request for a Charter review has reached new heights in this community, in my view, and I am tired of reading of the personal attacks in the local media. I think we can do better, much better.

Please name a city which has never reviewed its charter.

Please name a city which has never reviewed its charter. Every city does this periodically; it is in every city’s charter to do so. Why? Because as the size and needs of the city change, sometimes that makes it necessary for a change of the charter or sections of the charter. It is nothing more than an opportunity for a tune-up of city government. And holding a review does not necessarily imply the charter will be changed.

Mr. Nobile and his family have lived in and owned a successful business here for decades. He has contributed much to Palm Coast over the years. This is one of the reasons he ran for the council in the first place.

If anyone is qualified to “request” a review, he certainly is. Let’s stop the personal attacks and let him do his job, shall we?

There is no reason why this council should not have the right to freely discuss subjects like this from time to time as the need arises, and our officials should be able to do their jobs without personal attacks.

Linda Hansen
Palm Coast

Criticism of Steve Nobile constitutes a ‘witch hunt’

Dear Editor:

I have noticed a consistent theme in many letters to the editor regarding City Councilman Steven Nobile’s request for a Charter review. It seems that certain people will use any excuse as a “witch hunt.” I guess it must be the season.  

First, a Charter review is not a bad thing. It gives the opportunity to update city codes and make changes that will benefit the city of Palm Coast. Many cities and towns have regular charter reviews.

There is nothing that says a charter review must make changes to the way the city is governed. Councilman Nobile is one man, and he can’t make any changes by himself.

Secondly, as a relative newcomer to the city I can tell you that it is extremely difficult to find things here in Palm Coast because everything is hidden from view by the “landscaping.” If one wants to do any serious shopping, one must travel to Daytona, St. Augustine, or other places. This has a great deal to do with the onerous rules in Palm Coast. 

I would like to remind people that Councilman Nobile was elected by a majority of the voters.

Once more I would like to remind people that Councilman Nobile was elected by a majority of the voters. Therefore, he is not “speaking for a fairly small and quite radical political group.” He is speaking for the majority of voters who elected him to office.

This is a constant theme in these letters, and it makes me wonder what the agenda of the writers actually is. Is this really about the Charter review or is it about demonizing Councilman Nobile? 

Lastly, I take offense to Ms. Bellin’s disparaging personal remarks about our Second Amendment rights, and I quote: “This anti-government Tea Party, with our local added bonus of coming complete with an NRA gun seller.” As a law-abiding member of the NRA who enjoys the shooting sports, I take personal offense to her remarks.

I would also like to remind her that it is the very right to bear arms that has given her the freedom she enjoys right now to make personal attacks on another human being who has done her no harm.

I am not a member of the “Tea Party,” but I do agree with some, not all, of their positions. Just because someone disagrees with your personal political philosophy does not make them “anti-government.”

This type of language is inflammatory and designed to turn people against each other instead of tolerating our differences. For someone who says they want cooperation, this is a sure way to make sure there will be none.

Alice Losasso
Palm Coast

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