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Palm Coast Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019 11 months ago

Standing O 2019: Flagler Schools' Lynette Shott has a passion for education

Her passion for education makes her an essential part of the progress for the county's students.
by: Paola Rodriguez Staff Writer

Lynette Shott, the executive director of student and community engagement at Flagler Schools, has a passion for education that makes her an essential part of the progress of the county's students.

Her multifaceted job is divided into two significant parts: the students and the community. The student engagement side is about making sure students have everything they need to be successful in school. They work with homeless students and those who are experiencing physical or mental health needs — anything that might be a barrier to success. 

The community engagement side allows her to work with a large number of the community's philanthropic organizations, service clubs and the business community through classrooms-to-careers program.

"Being able to work with the business community and help build pathways for students that are tight connections to their future is part of my why," Shott said. 

"Lynette Shott is an amazing talent right here in our community that works every day to create incredible innovative programs within the Flagler County School System. Her passion for making changes to provide many avenues for our students to learn about and get experience in all the possible careers that are possible."


SARA HALE, Managing Partner at Coastal Cloud. 

When asked why she does what she does, her answer was based on the personalities, needs, sets of gifts and talents of the 13,000 students in the county.

"I think it is so important to help foster individually," Shott said, "and to give them opportunities to have those personalized learning choices where they can explore what their talents, strengths, and interests are, and have opportunities whether they are through class choices, experiences or helping them build networks with our business community to help them be ready for success."

Her goal is to build the skill sets students need to continue on with their career choices, to pursue higher education out of town and more.

"I wanted not just to have a chance to be a part of their education but to be extremely excited about their education, their potential and their growth," she said.

Shott takes pride in the classroom-to-careers program, which aims at having students go straight from high school classrooms to job positions with no debt.

For her, the challenge is helping everybody comfortably move away from what has always been done: the traditional paths and ways of educating.

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