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Palm Coast Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010 11 years ago

Solar company eyes Palm Coast

by: Brian McMillan Contributing Writer

An innovative solar company, known as Project Iceman for now, could bring 180 jobs and help brand the city as green-tech friendly.

Ultimately, the only thing that happened Tuesday, Nov. 16, at the City Council meeting, was a resolution to encourage the state to offer incentives to possibly lure a company known only by a code name — Project Iceman — to come to Palm Coast.

But the possibilities are making the city’s leaders’ eyes light up.

“We recently were approached by a company that is looking to establish a manufacturing facility — maybe multiple facilities— in Palm Coast,” City Manager Jim Landon told the City Council.

T he details are mostly confi - dential, except for these: It’s an innovative, solar-energy startup that, according to Enterprise Flagler Executive Director Greg Rawls, involves generating electricity that can be accessed through the grid.

Senior Planner Beau Falgout has been tasked with guarding the secret identity of the company.

“I told someone where they were from, and Beau came in and slapped my hand,” Landon said. He added that the secrecy is meant to protect the company from other competition before they start manufacturing.

“They have patents and trademarks, and we haven’t been privy to that information,” Falgout said. “But if they do what they claim, they will signifi cantly improve solar technology.”

The company is talking about creating 180 jobs, many of which could be high-paying and involve research and development.

With other companies recently coming to Palm Coast, including fellow smart-energy company Galtronics Telemetry, Mayor Jon Netts said the city could be branding itself in a positive way as a green-technology business city.

“These types of industries often times cluster,” Landon said. “If we can get these green companies, we’re hoping other companies will turn their head this way, too.”

“Instead of Silicon Valley, this will be Silicon Beach,” City Council member Bill Lewis said.


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