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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010 9 years ago

So to speak: 2010 in 'sound' bites

by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

One of the biggest complaints about the news media is that we take things out of context just for the sake of a sound bite. Here at the Palm Coast Observer, we’re careful to tell the full story. But just this once, let’s spit out some sound bites, shall we?

To complement the photos throughout the issue this week, here are some of the most memorable news quotes of the year.

“I jog, and if a car’s coming, I step off, and I’ve got a problem with my shoes.”
— Jay Gardner, Flagler County property appraiser, in praise of the County Commission’s decision to ban doggie doo in public

“Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.”
— a favorite saying of Bill Delbrugge, who resigned as superintendent of Flagler County Schools

“We need to be able to identify who did the dastardly deed.”
—Jim Landon, city manager, arguing for high-quality security cameras at Ralph Carter Park

“It might look like a good idea, but see, I don’t jump for the promoter. The only people I jump for are the people that put me in office. It’s their money.”
—Bill Lewis, City Council member, who didn’t approve of the city’s involvement in Rock ’n’ Rib Fest

“I can’t wave my magic wand and resolve some of the problems … I think I do a very good job. I work very hard. I’m here day and night. I bought a house here in the intent to stay here and make Flagler County my home.”
— Craig Coffey, county administrator, after he was assailed and then rehired by a 3-2 vote

“If you’ve got a friendly dog, and he runs across the street and licks your neighbor’s hand, the neighbor probably won’t complain.”
— Mayor Jon Netts, on the city’s new pet-control ordinance

“We have always felt our daughter has been a victim, too.”
— Michael and Lynn Seck, parents of Kimberle Seck, who was charged with setting fire to their home

“Those people who do this, who want to put their cars up on cinder blocks, there are places for them, but Palm Coast is not it.”
— Bill Lewis, City Council member, on why he favors the code forbidding commercial trucks from parking in residential driveways

“When the school district is sick, the county is sick.”
— Andy Dance, School Board member, promoting the .25 mill tax continuation to fund school operations

“If there are two people who are married and they’re both employed (by the county), unless they’re really important positions, I would say one of them has got to go.”
— Bob Abbott, formerly of the County Commission, in a pre-primary interview

“If we pay, we should have a say.”
— Vincent Liguori, Flagler County Tea Party member

“Play it straight and be who you are. Then, it’s going to be what it’s going to be.”
— Nate McLaughlin, County Commissioner, after winning the August primary

“I’m the chief cook and bottle washer.”
— Dennis Craig, 7th Circuit judge-elect, saying he played every role possible in his campaign

“I just don’t want to see the bail bondsmen on the back of the basketball jerseys.”
— Colleen Conklin, School Board member, on the decision to allow advertisements on school athletics uniforms

“Here is the prostitution on the Constitution.”
— Holsey Moorman, City Council member, who intended to say, “proclamation”

“I see no reason to pay people for not being sick.”
— Alan Peterson, County Commissioner, disputing Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks’ plan to offer wellness incentives for people coming to work “even when they don’t feel their best”

“Before we go beyond the assessed value, council needs to know. This is absolutely ridiculous.”
— Mary DiStefano, City Council member, on staff’s offer of $1 million for a Bulldog Drive property appraised at $466,000

“A lot of people in this world make mistakes, and they are allowed to correct themselves. She ran out of time.”
— Hap Meekins, father of Skyler, who along with Daniel Dyer, was killed in 2007

“The result is that I believe I’ve got to excuse you.”
— Kim C. Hammond, 7th Circuit Judge, declaring a mistrial in the Skyler Meekins-Daniel Dyer case

“These are the kind of things that define us as a school district.”
— Colleen Conklin, School Board member, justifying the board’s involvement in saving the high school production of “To Kill a Mockingbird”

“There are some things you can’t shake. But you have to learn to do your best and move on. We don’t have the resources to dawdle.”
— Kim C. Hammond, 7th Circuit Judge, on separating home life from work life

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