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Palm Coast Tuesday, Apr. 20, 2021 6 months ago

So long, RemoteLive: No hybrid classes next year at Flagler Schools

Thanks to the teachers and staff who encourage the next generation.
by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

At of the end of the current school year, RemoteLive will be no more. Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt released a statement on April 20 discontinuing the hybrid classes as of the end of this school year, saying that "the majority of our students perform best when they are physically in our classrooms."

Beginning this fall, Flagler Schools students will be back to their traditional two choices: in-person classes or online iFlagler classes (visit through July 10 to register).

I echo Mittelstadt's words of praise for the district during the pandemic: "Our teachers, staff, and administrators worked tirelessly."

I have seen the dedication of Flagler Schools teachers first hand with my own children, and I am so grateful for them. Teachers have called our home when they had concerns; they have responded to our texts and emails; they have given timely words of encouragement.

At 41 years old, I can still remember a handwritten note a high school English teacher named Joyce Teed wrote on my paper, encouraging me to "keep writing."

Teachers, your words make a difference.

Brian McMillan has been editor of the Palm Coast Observer since it began in 2010. He was named the Journalist of the Year for weekly newspapers in North America by the Local Media Association in 2012. He lives in Palm Coast with his wife and five children. Email...

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