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David Fowler, of Alliance Financial Partners, spoke April 7, to the Palm Coast Young Professionals Group. PHOTO BY BRIAN MCMILLAN
Palm Coast Thursday, Apr. 14, 2011 8 years ago

Small business owners: Adapt, build relationships

by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

David Fowler, of Alliance Financial Partners, said he started his business on the very day the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its all-time high.

Then, the market crashed, and he had to adapt, which is one of the keys to a successful business, he told the Palm Coast Young Professionals Group Thursday, April 7, at Arnie’s, a restaurant at the Pine Lakes Golf Course.

Fowler was one of four guest speakers at the lunch meeting, which is part of a new leadership training effort by the young professionals group.

Fowler explained the importance of adapting to current business conditions.

“Every time there’s a winner, there’s a loser, and every time there’s a loser there’s a winner,” he said.

Fowler said he lessened his emphasis on 30- to 40-year-olds’ investment plans, because they were not in condition to invest any more after the crash. Instead, he expanded to the retirement market, helping people who still had funds, but who were nervous about their futures.

With creativity, businesses can thrive, he said. “Entrepreneurs are going to find a way to make money, no matter what the conditions,” he said.

Since 2008, the young professionals group has sponsored networking functions for those under 40 years old.

Harmony Henry, who moved in 2007, to Flagler County, said she wanted to take part of the development of this new community and so, along with Cindy Dalecki, she formed the group.

The April 7 meeting featured speakers to discuss advice, resources and experiences associated with starting and growing small businesses.

Roger Leverton, of SCORE; Raven Sword, of Wolverton, Livingston & Sword; and Cindy Dalecki, of Marketing 2 Go, also spoke.

SCORE offers free consultations to small businesses, which are the lifeblood of the American economy, Leverton said. Last year, the group counseled 120 businesses in the county.

Dalecki’s advice on starting a new business: “If you don’t love it, don’t do it. There are only so many years in this life.”

Running for School Board helped Raven Sword gain the confidence to start her own business, she said. She learned: “Don’t try to run someone else’s race. Run your own race.”

All stressed building relationships in any business venture.

The group also does community service and will be building a house Saturday, April 16, in the U-section. To participate, call Henry at 983-5617, or email her at [email protected] for more information.

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