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Palm Coast Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019 6 months ago

Should the city 'calm' traffic on Florida Park Drive?

Two residents say no in recent letters to the editor.
by: Guest Writer

Do not ‘calm’ traffic on Florida Park Drive

Dear Editor:

Concerning recent discussions about the so-called “traffic calming,” such measures make traffic worse for everyone and create the opposite result. Like other anti-car philosophies that are cloaked in disguised wording like “complete streets” and “vision zero” (more accurately described as “zero vision”), these efforts are aimed at making travel worse, not better.

Florida Park Drive was designed a connector between the north and south parts of eastern Palm Coast. For anyone who lives there to complain about the traffic which seeks to use this access which helps make the street a good place to live, is hypocritical. Absolutely patrol the street, maintain the sidewalks, and use the speed monitors to keep things in check and flowing smoothly and safely.

However, efforts to “calm” traffic via barriers will just make it worse for everyone who uses the street. Barriers will not calm the drivers and as Sans Lassiter said at a recent Palm Coast Council meeting, they will just push vehicles to other streets, making more people mad at the City Council.

In addition, the slowing and speeding up will probably produce more accidents, make it more difficult for Florida Park residents to get out, and will surely increase air pollution and fuel use. Moreover, the barriers will slow emergency vehicles and add the possibility of damage and excessive wear to vehicles.

Florida Park Drive, as with all city roads, belongs to all Palm Coast residents, not just those who have chosen to live there. For those who elected to live there, for them to complain about the traffic is like people who move next to an airport and then complain about the noise; or move to Florida and then complain about the heat.

Mike McGuire

Palm Coast


Thanks to the city for investigating solutions

Dear Editor:

The city is taking a proactive look at the issues on Florida Park Drive. Interim City Manger Beau Falgout visited Florida Park Drive recently to see for himself the issues residents face.

Mayor Milissa Holland and City Council members had many questions for traffic study, traffic calming, and traffic environmental contractors at the recent City Council meeting.

The city is looking at already gather information to determine what studies can be eliminated due to duplication. One consideration worth noting is having an air quality monitor at the Holland Park basketball courts to help ensure a healthy environment for the children.

Traffic calming methods are going to be considered, and landscaping beautification options will be looked at.

There was so much information the city has already gathered. Very informative workshop.

Steven Carr

Palm Coast


If you don’t like Florida Park Drive, move

Dear Editor:

Regarding City Council’s workshop on Feb. 12 and the “traffic calming” option for Florida Park Drive, perhaps it is time those residents considered the following:

Florida Park Drive has been a major city artery since the town’s inception; this fact was not an after-purchase discovery.

Busy streets have a negative impact on property values; residents of Florida Park Drive benefited from this.

With city growth, comes traffic problems; this is not the only neighborhood affected.

City installed flashing lights to slow traffic which, for the most part, has worked; be happy with that.

The street – with sidewalks – is much safer than others without them, where walkers and bikers constantly contend with speeding traffic.

Now “traffic calming devices” are being discussed for your benefit at taxpayer’s expense. This city street is not your personal driveway. Installing “traffic calming devices” will be a case of punishment of the innocent because you don’t like the street traffic. Really?

All Florida Park Drive residents have the option to solve their problem and not cost the City or taxpayers a penny: Move! You don’t like the neighborhood, don’t live there!

Mary Slattery

Palm Coast

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