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Palm Coast Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 3 months ago

Sheriff recognizes employees during quarterly awards ceremony

All employees of the month were given plaques from Family KIA of St. Augustine as well as a $250 donation in their name to FSEAT, the Flagler Sheriff’s Employee Assistance Trust fund.
by: Guest Writer

By: FCSO Public Affairs Manager Brittany Kershaw, courtesy of the FCSO

Sheriff Rick Staly hosted the second quarterly awards ceremony of 2019 on Aug. 7 at the Emergency Operations Center in Bunnell.

The awards ceremonies are held to recognize exceptional service by Sheriff’s Office employees and members of the community. 

“We have some extraordinary people working at the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, and this is my opportunity to recognize and thank them for their outstanding service to the community,” Staly said. “I congratulate all of our recipients and thank them for their hard work and dedication.” 

April Employee of the Month and Life Saving Award – Ashlie Hicks 

On April 30, Civil Clerk Ashlie Hicks saw smoke coming from a home. She called 911 and ran to the back of the house to alert the people inside and help bring them and their animals to safety. Hicks receives the Life Saving Award as well as the April Employee of the Month award.

May Employee of the Month – Deputy Troy Cavas and K9 Baro 

In May, Deputy Troy Cavas and K9 Baro responded to calls for service resulting the arrest of two suspects for an array of felony criminal charges. Deadly narcotics were removed from the community.

June Employee of the Month and Certificate of Commendation – Communications Specialist Danielle Brown 

On June 2, Communications Specialist Danielle Brown answered a 911 call for a suicide and attempted murder. Danielle kept the victim calm and talking until helped arrived.

Her questions gave deputies information to keep them safe and the victim conscious and talking.  

All Employees of the Month were gifted plaques from Family KIA of St. Augustine as well as a $250.00 donation in their name to FSEAT, the Flagler Sheriff’s Employee Assistance Trust fund. President Stoff and VP Davis additionally took each recipient to lunch after the awards ceremony. 

Certificate of Commendation – Cmdr. Jon Welker, Sgt. James Miley, Cpl. Daniel Parthemore, Dep. Dedorius Varnes 

On May 2, deputies responded to a home after the Veterans Crisis Line reported that they were speaking to a man who wished to end his life.

Deputies entered the home and located the man unresponsive in his garage, with his vehicle running. He was taken to the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery. 

Certificate of Commendation – Cpl. Ron Mello, Dep. Marcus Dawson, Dep. Robert Lentino, Dep. Michael Lane 

On April 23, a call was received about a juvenile armed with a handgun and in a dispute with a family member. Deputies set a perimeter and told the juvenile to drop the firearm.

Certificate of Commendation – Jo-Ann Ramos 

Jo-Ann Ramos and Sheriff Rick Staly (Photo courtesy of the FCSO)

In June, Jo-Ann Ramos was scanning mail at the county inmate facility and noticed two very small orange rectangular substances hidden within an envelope. That envelope and several other envelopes were analyzed, and the substance was determined to be a controlled substance. Jo-Ann’s actions prevented drugs from entering the jail. 

Certificate of Commendation – Dep. Seth Green 

In June, Deputy Green demonstrated a dedication to proactivity, making three separate arrests for a variety of narcotics charges and a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 

Unit Citation – Delta Squad Communications – McKenzie Davis, Megan Burton, Danielle Brown, Heather Robinson 

On April 22, members of Communications - Delta Squad played a critical role in the quick response to a shooting in Bunnell.

The four communication specialists answered numerous emergency calls, obtaining information about the case, providing citizens with assistance and ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers and fire department personnel.

All members involved utilized great teamwork and professionalism. 

Unit Citation – Sgt. J Barile, Cpl. Tarczewski and K9 Tag, Dep. West, Dep. Yeoman 

On June 17, units responded to a disturbance involving a female armed with a butcher knife.

Deputies controlled the scene and eventually used a Taser to get the female to drop the knife and to take her into custody.

NARCAN Life Saving Award – Cpl. Ron Mello, Dep. Marcus Dawson; Certificate of Appreciation - Dep. Shannon Smith, Dep. Derek Logsdon, Dep. Robert Lentino 

On May 11, deputies responded to an overdose call.

Cpl. Mello and Deputy Dawson administered life-saving NARCAN while the remaining deputies assisted the EMS crew in providing rescue breaths and monitoring the patient’s airway and breathing.

Cpl. Mello and Deputy Dawson receive the Life Saving Award for rendering aid. Deputies Smith, Logsdon, and Lentino receive the Certificate of Appreciation.

Life Saving Award – Dep. Shannon Smith 

Deputy Shannon Smith and Sheriff Rick Staly (Photo courtesy of the FCSO)

On June 28, Deputy Shannon Smith responded to a medical call involving an 89-year-old woman who was unresponsive and had no pulse.

Smith performed CPR on the woman until rescue arrived, and the patient was transported to the hospital, where she was expected to make a full recovery.

Life Saving Award – Dep. B. Sheridan; Certificate of Appreciation - Dep. Haggerty, Dep. Twing, Dep. Capobianco, CCTV Operator Faircloth 

On June 26, an inmate tried to harm himself within the jail. CCTV Operator H. Faircloth notified detention staff members, who responded to save the inmate.

Dep. Sheridan untied the rope from the inmate’s neck and verified that he had a pulse.

Deputy Twing, CCTV Operator Faircloth, Deputy Sheridan and Sheriff Staly

The remaining deputies offered assistance. Deputy Sheridan receives the Life Saving Award. Deputies Haggerty, Twing, and Capobianco and CCTV Operator H. Faircloth receive the Certificate of Appreciation. 

Life Saving Award (Delayed) – Communications Supervisor Jay Aldridge 

In August of 2011, Communications Director Christina Mortimer began to choke while on shift in dispatch. She was losing color due to lack of oxygen.

Communications Supervisor Jay Aldridge immediately ran to her and performed the Heimlich maneuver until the item was dislodged.

Mortimer was four months pregnant at the time, and went on to make a full recovery and deliver a healthy baby.

Citizen Certificate of Appreciation – Chris Parks and Chalyn Parks 

Chris Parks and his son Chalyn Parks have helped assist with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office "S.W.E.A.T." program.

The S.W.E.A.T. program is designed to steer juveniles in the right direction and provide them an opportunity to get back on the right track.

Chris Parks and his son are examples of physically fit, motivated members of our community that should be recognized for their significant volunteer contribution in mentoring our youth. 

Citizen Certificate of Appreciation – Lindsey Gay 

On June 30, a 911 call was received about a 7-year-old boy who went missing while at the beach with his family. 

Gay found the missing child and stayed with him until law enforcement arrived. 

Years of Service 

• Five Years of Service: Jacob West, Mark Remish, Richard Petkovsek, Robin Towns, Stephen Usina, David Hopkins 

• Ten Years of Service: Randy Vickers, Manny Confusione 

• Fifteen Years of Service: William Vazquez, Eileen Wires 

• 20 Years of Service: Kim Davis 

• 25 Years of Service: Steve Cole, Steve Brandt 

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