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Palm Coast Tuesday, May 9, 2017 3 years ago

Shade sails needed in Palm Coast parks

Also in letters: Sheriff's Citizens Academy

Dear Editor:

I have always wondered why our playground structures are not protected from the damaging rays of the sun, either by trees or shade sails. I was raised in a time when no one worried about the sun and its effects on our skin and bodies; baby oil mixed with iodine and reflectors did the trick for a tan.

Now, many years later, we are warned that too much exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer (sometimes fatal) and we should be using sun-block. My grandchildren are always loaded up with sun-block before they go out to play in the sun. So, why would we put our children and grandchildren in harm's way by exposing them to full direct rays of the sun when they are playing on our playground structures?

Shade sails and/or trees in playgrounds will not only protect our children from the sun but our children will also be able to enjoy a variety of parks. All of our playground structures should be protected from the sun! 

Debbie Fallon

Palm Coast

Citizens Academy gave me a new appreciation of the Sheriff's Office

Dear Editor:

I recently completed the six-week Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Academy. Thanks to Sgt. Michael Lutz, Sheriff Rick Staly and Undersheriff Jack Bisland and others, the class got to see the K-9, SWAT, marine, mounted units and many other areas of operation. Getting to see the new jail, 911 call center and training simulator was an eye opener. During my time in the training simulator, I killed two suspects, I killed a homeowner and was killed myself. The simulator is real life like, and things happen a lot quicker than you can imagine.

My last observation was on my ride along. The deputy was young: two years on the job. We had three calls. One was back-up on Interstate 95, and two were domestic disputes, which make up a lot of their calls. One led to an individual being arrested, which required him to be delivered to the county jail. The individual would not give his name or birth date and was generally uncooperative; he was drunk. The guy kicked the seat and doors the whole time. The deputy kept his cool throughout the ride. I wanted to tell the guy to knock it off. My personal observation: Filling out the paperwork has to be the worst part of being a deputy.

My purpose in participating in this program was to get a better understanding of the sheriff’s operation and what a deputy actually does.

I would suggest that everyone participate in the Citizen Academy. You will come away with a whole new appreciation of the services provided by the Sheriff’s Office.

Robert Branin

Palm Coast

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