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Palm Coast Monday, Oct. 12, 2015 4 years ago

Sea Ray entrance road intentionally blanketed with nails; 50 employees' tires damaged

The vandal or vandals seemed to have inside knowledge of Sea Ray's operations.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

Someone snuck onto the Sea Ray boats entry road at its intersection with Roberts Road in the early morning hours of Oct. 6 and left the street “blanketed with roofing nails,” puncturing about 50 employees’ tires, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

The call came in to the Sheriff’s Office at about 2:55 p.m. Oct. 6, after Sea Ray employees who’d arrived early in the morning went on their lunch break and discovered their tires studded with roofing nails. 

Sea Ray maintenance employees checked the roadways and found the south lane of Sea Ray Drive at the intersection of Roberts Road covered in nails. There wasn’t a trail of nails leading toward the facility, and the line of nails stopped right at the line of sight of the guardhouse, “which makes it appear that the roofing nails were intentionally placed in that specific spot, so that all the employees would potentially run over the nails on their way into work,” a deputy wrote in a case report.

Sea Ray HR Director Kellie Hood told the deputy that the roofing nails weren’t kept at the facility.

Employees who left work at 2 a.m. didn’t report nails in their tires, but ones who arrived at the plant at about 4 a.m. did, she said. The only time of day in which on one is scheduled to leave or arrive is between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., she said. “It is believed that only current and former employees would be aware of this,” the deputy wrote in the report. 

There were no surveillance cameras in the area where the nails were dumped.

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