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Palm Coast Friday, Oct. 16, 2020 3 days ago

Residents, businesses can now use Amazon's Alexa to schedule Palm Coast city services

Have a question about the City of Palm Coast? Ask Alexa.
by: Kimberly Norman City of Palm Coast Public Relations Associate

Residents and those doing business with the city of Palm Coast can now use Amazon’s Alexa to find out information about the city and also access some services.

Alexa is the voice assistant created by Amazon that allows people to interact with technology through their voice versus their hands for various activities and requests. It can be utilized through an Amazon enabled device (or app) any time of day. 

Alexa can be asked various options related to the city of Palm Coast such as reporting a concern through Palm Coast Connect, find out garbage collection information, hear city announcements, listen and watch city council meetings and more. You can also schedule, cancel and check the status of your building inspection as well as check a permit status through the Building Department.

“Amazon Alexa is another way for residents and businesses to be informed and connected by offering easy access to city services,” said Blake Kershaw, Head of Research and Development, who developed the Amazon Alexa, city of Palm Coast skill. “By providing a way that a virtual assistant can help our residents, fits into the concept of a smart city and allows the city to engage in future innovation.”

How to use Alexa from your phone:

  • Register for an Amazon account ( - you can also create an account after downloading the app to your phone.
  • Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) to download Amazon Alexa and sign in.
  • Before anyone can use the skill (city of Palm Coast), they must first enable it by saying – “enable city of Palm Coast.”
  • Some actions will require permissions to be granted.

All you’ll need to say is: “Alexa, Palm Coast.” The prompts will take you to the choices of permit inspection and status option. Next, you can say:

  • “Alexa, schedule a building inspection.”
  • “Alexa, check my permit status.”
  • “Alexa, cancel my building inspection.”
  • “Alexa, check the status of my inspection.”

The following commands will be recognized:

Request Inspection:

  • Alexa ask Palm Coast to request inspection
  • Alexa schedule an inspection in Palm Coast
  • Alexa schedule a building inspection in Palm Coast
  • Alexa schedule my building inspection in Palm Coast

Cancel Inspection:

  • Alexa, ask Palm Coast to cancel inspection
  • Alexa, cancel an inspection in Palm Coast
  • Alexa, cancel a building inspection in Palm Coast
  • Alexa, cancel my building inspection in Palm Coast

Permit Status"

  • Alexa, ask Palm Coast for permit status
  • Alexa, check my permit status in Palm Coast
  • Alexa, check the status of my permit in Palm Coast

Inspection Status

  • Alexa, ask Palm Coast for inspection status
  • Alexa check my inspection status in Palm Coast
  • Alexa check the status of my inspection in Palm Coast

“As part of City Council’s Business Friendly Initiative, we are always looking to enhance customer service through technology,” said Chief Development Officer Jason DeLorenzo. “This addition, to our already outstanding permit software, will make it easier to access permitting from home, office, or on the go!”

To suggest ideas for more Alexa options, submit a case through Palm Coast Connect at

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