Jeffrey Fruehling (Photo courtesy of the FCSO)

Resident chased by machete-wielding man after complaining about barking dog

Suspect Jeffrey Fruehling swung the machete at the victim repeatedly, missing him by inches, according to a witness.
Apr. 2, 2018

The Flagler Beach resident just wanted his neighbor to quiet his barking dog. But when the resident approached the neighbor at the Bulow Woods Campground to complain, the neighbor grabbed a machete and chased him out of the area, according to a Flagler County Sheriff's Office report.

The alleged assault happened at about 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 27. The witness told a deputy that the victim walked over to ask Jeffrey Fruehling, 57, to "attend to his dog's constant barking," and that he'd made the request politely, according to the deputy's report.

But Fruehling responded by getting out of his truck, grabbing a machete from the truck bed and chasing the victim "across the roadway and out of his shoe/flip flop," which Fruehling then hacked up with the machete, the witness told a deputy. 

Another witness told the deputy that he'd heard Fruehling yell, "I will kill you" over and over again to the victim while swinging the machete and missing the victim by inches. 

Deputies began searching the trailer for the machete, but stopped after consent to the search was revoked. They did not find it. Deputies arrested Frueling and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.