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Palm Coast Tuesday, Sep. 25, 2018 1 year ago

Readers: Workforce housing will become a ghetto in Palm Coast

Also: Carl Jones endorses John Fischer for School Board.
by: Guest Writer

Workforce housing will become a ghetto

Dear Editor:

First I wish to thank Mr. Vasquez for shining a bright light on this so-called workforce housing term being used by Mayor Milissa Holland and “yes men” City Council. This is the second letter I am writing to address the problems with low-income housing. As a former police officer from New Jersey, I can speak with some authority.

They don't work. You can pretty things up and make promises about all the good things the Palm Coast residents will benefit by. I hope the citizens won’t be duped by any of this complete nonsense.

My first letter went unheeded, and apparently the mayor and council members are intent on doing whatever they wish to, even over the protests of the residents of the Woodlands area.

Does any member of the governing body live in or by a low-income housing development? Does any council member have an original idea of their own?

Palm Coast should remain aesthetically beautiful. After the mayor and council members move on, we will be left with a legacy of rundown ghetto areas.

Trust me because I have been witness to this over and over. Palm Coast has many retired police and fire officers. Try talking them. Actually, you should have a workshop and get feedback from professionals.

I truly hope the residents who love our city remember all of this at election time. Don't become complacent. It is too important.

As the saying goes: "Coming events oftime cast their shadow first.”

Fred Welsh

Jack Caldaro

Palm Coast


Former candidate endorses John Fischer

Dear Editor:

I had an awesome time running for School Board, District 2. Nothing like getting out and meeting and talking to the people where you live. My race fell short, but I will be throwing my full support behind my friend John Fischer!

He is a fine man with one of the biggest hearts for our students in Flagler County. He will advocate for the same things I did: safe schools, increased graduation rate, and higher pay for our teachers. He will be a positive force in the schools, and that is exactly what our children need.

None of us live a perfect life, but if we strive to be perfect in whatever we do, we can be positive role models for our children and each other!

Join me in standing with John Fischer for School Board, District 2, and getting him elected to our board. He will be a positive and engaging leader, stern advocate for our students, and he will be everywhere with a purpose — just what our county needs.

If you took time out of your busy schedule to cast your vote for me on Aug. 28, gear up again for Nov. 6 and cast your vote for John Fischer.

Carl Jones

Palm Coast

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