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Palm Coast Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018 1 year ago

Readers react to Flagler's deal with Captain's BBQ, Palm Coast's feral cats

Also, one reader welcomes Palm Coast Observer's endorsements.
by: Guest Writer

Taxpayers lose on Captain’s BBQ deal

Dear Editor:

Thanks to the same entity that bought us a decaying water plant and a sick hospital building, we are about to lose a big piece of a public park to a private business.

There won't be much left of Bings Landing once Captain's BBQ builds a 5,000-square-foot restaurant and a bigger parking lot. There go the trees and the view for park visitors. And who won't want to hold their event in the remaining public pavilion, which will overlook the big privately owned restaurant building and the bigger parking lot?

The County Commission in its wisdom has ordered so because the place is such big tourist draw that we can sacrifice the citizens’ rights for it. We need that $750 and rent and all the business that the place brings into Palm Coast — not.

Edith Campins

Palm Coast


Reasonable solution for feral cat problem

Dear Editor:

Your headline last week asked, “Are feral cat colonies compatible with Palm Coast neighborhoods?” Maybe it should have gone on to say, “If so, how about wild dog colonies?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m against cruelty to any animals, but sometimes animals need to take a back seat to humans. We need to know what animals are feeding on the cats. Are these other animals posing a risk to humans, and are those populations growing?

An ordinance that puts a community’s citizens at risk or in harm’s way, is inept. The community could be open to disease or legal action. Who is going to pay when the ordinance comes back to bite all of us?

Here is a reasonable solution: Cats that have a sponsor can be part of the TNR program; the rest should be euthanized. The sponsors would pay half the cost of trapping, neutering and planting a chip in the cat. This way, the sponsors could pay for any damages caused by the animal and God forbid the cat has rabies, we will then know who gets the legal charge.

Darell J. Lambert

Palm Coast


Keep up with the endorsements

Dear Editor:

I don't understand why some readers get so upset with the Palm Coast Observer publishing its own recommendations on candidates for election. Just skip that section of the newspaper, or read it and ignore it.

Personally, I look forward to these recommendations because they often contain information that is new to me, and you present the reasons for your choices. Even though I follow your reasoning, I often come to a completely different decision. Many times my choices are not your choices, but I always welcome additional information and a different point of view. It prompts me to look at the situation from another perspective. 

So as far as I'm concerned, keep doing what you're doing. I'm still going to make up my own mind, and everyone can do the same.

Judy Hucik

Palm Coast


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