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Palm Coast Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018 1 year ago

Reacting to Captain's BBQ deal: Flagler County restaurant is a good neighbor

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by: Guest Writer

Captain’s BBQ is a good neighbor

Dear Editor:

I can understand that people would have concerns about Bings Landing and especially the historic site contained therein. However, if the expansion of Captain’s BBQ will do no harm to the site this is a win/win for the county.

I have visited Bings Landing/Captain’s BBQ many times since I moved here. It is my favorite local restaurant. I have never observed many people using the park any time I have been there. If not for Captain’s BBQ, I would not have even known the park containing the historical site existed. Captain’s is a nationally recognized restaurant.

The owners of Captain’s BBQ are willing to pay for the construction of a new building, which they will not own after its completion, and they will pay rent for the use of the building. I can’t believe someone could actually believe that the owners should close down during construction, therefore losing revenue, which is their livelihood, and pay for a building they will not own, but will pay rent on.

I would like to ask these people, is this the kind of business deal you would make? You must be living in a fantasy world.

As far as the concern that patrons’ drinking could endanger children using the park, are the children using the park unsupervised? Captain’s is a family type of restaurant, which just will happen to have a bar with this expansion. They are not a bar with food. This is not a rowdy establishment.

Again, I have never observed large numbers of children using the park, supervised or not.

If this expansion is not going to impact the historical site, then this is a good deal for the county. Captain’s brings people to the park who might not otherwise know it was there.  Captain’s employees local people and pays taxes. They have been a good neighbor up until this point, and I see no reason why this relationship would not continue.

Alice Losasso

Palm Coast


Try a phased approach for Captain’s

Dear Editor:

The charming building style, its placement in the park, along with the excellent barbecue are what makes Captain’s BBQ and Bings Landing a special place. Although I have not seen the building design and relocation proposal, an option that might be explored is utilizing the pavilion area and small field on the south side of the marina for new construction.

My proposal is to build and complete phase one in this area and temporarily, or permanently, locate the kitchen in this new building so that the business does not have to close.

Phase two would be a swift demolition, followed by reconstruction of a new similar style building, in its original footprint, then conjoining both structures into one seamless structure.

If the desired square footage is not reached on a completed one-story structure, consider a second floor on a portion or all of phase one. The view from a dining or bar area, facing north on the Intracoastal Waterway, would be awesome!

In this age of repurposing, utilizing the same building footprint, with little or no disruption to the natural beauty of the park, is in everyone’s best interest!

Brandon Hussing

Flagler Beach


City Council is driving up cost of living

Dear Editor:

The downhill slide in Palm Coast has begun. We sure made a mistake in recent elections; we now have to live with a mayor and City Council with big plans, where cost is not a consideration. Palm Coast is going first class on everything.

A Public Works facility has a projected cost of over $20 million.

They want more “affordable housing.” That’s great, let’s just lower the current Palm Coast housing standards. (Although this is probably as good of an idea as their plans are at driving up costs so high that we may have to sell and find something cheaper.)

Wonder how much of the street lighting plan will cost us?

Underground electric cables at a million dollars a mile — but look how much we will save if we get a major hurricane (we sure get a lot of those).

No big deal, just up the electricity cost, increase taxes, water, sewage, and swale maintenance to cover the cost of whatever else they have planned. I am sure they are looking for other ways to increase their coffers. How about parking meters in the Town Center, at the Community Center and other city locations?

I only hope that we can vote these folks out before they completely ruin the Palm Coast we all moved here for.

Robert Taylor

Palm Coast

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