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Palm Coast Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 8 years ago

Q&A with the County Commission


Alan Peterson
District 1
“While there are several developmental approaches and incentives that could be offered to a company considering relocating to Flagler County, it’s important that there be coordination and cooperation among as many organizations and elected officials as possible. We need to present a united approach and eliminate any duplication of effort and financial expense and convince the public that the expenditure of their tax dollars is in their best interest and will be a benefit to all the residents of the county.”

Milissa Holland
District 2
“We must optimize how people, policies and investments work together so we may develop more comprehensive solutions. We must develop an environment that promotes and encourages innovation and strengthens the competitiveness of existing businesses. We must develop platforms that build on our unique assets. We can achieve this through ‘branding.’ Branding tells others who we are, why we are different and helps entrepreneurs decide why they want to do business with us. It is equally important that we develop a consensus among community leaders, while creating a synergy, in order to establish our ‘brand.’ Reaching these goals will mean a more strategic focus on our resources, supported by clear outcomes and strategies and shared accountability.”

Barbara Revels
District 3
“I believe we need a plan, collectively created, to determine how Flagler County, its cities, schools and citizens want to sustainably grow in a diversified economy. From that plan, or ‘blueprint,’ the specific development approaches along with incentive plans will evolve and be implemented. Each city will have its own, unique to its size, population and geography. I also believe the only way to be successful is through unity and one voice. The details of how we speak as one voice — coming together for the betterment of the whole — and still having individuality in city-specific plans will be the ultimate feat to achieve. We all must adopt the mantra that it does not matter where the job resides so long as it is a job with a living wage and benefits.”

Nate McLaughlin
District 4
“The one voice approach; a cooperative ‘united front.’ We are not a large county, and I believe serious economic development will require the gathered strength of all of our communities, pulling together to present the wonderful possibilities that we offer to the business world. It will take the efforts of more than one individual, more than one organization and more than one community to bring the badly needed jobs and economic stabilization that Flagler County needs. Wherever jobs are created in Flagler County, we all benefit.

George Hanns
District 5
Some of the (current county residents) retired and came down here in the ’70s … As the economy changed and the cost of living went up, now people are looking for part-time work to make ends meet … We do need jobs, but not at the expense of creating pollution and things like that. There are a lot of companies that can come in, but I guarantee you, the strings that are attached are tremendous … An elected official must be open-minded and not be an egotistical person … If you have a plan that will work and be reasonable … fine, but no matter what economic development plan it is, the taxpayers are going to have to pay for it.


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