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Palm Coast Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016 3 years ago

Plant variety gives Helen Kramer's yard, year-round appeal

The Garden Club at Palm Coast gives monthly award to Flagler Beach yard.

Information provided by the Garden Club at Palm Coast

Helen Kramer’s yard on South Flagler Ave., Flagler Beach, has been recognized as the Selection of the Month, for February 2016, by the Garden Club at Palm Coast.

Kramer moved to Flagler County from Tampa in 2000.

Living near the ocean her landscape includes, beachside sea grapes, foxtail asparagus ferns, asparagus ferns, staghorn ferns, and Palatka holly. 

Her front yard boasts several Italian cypress trees, a very old shillong plant, and a beautiful pyracantha (also known as a firethorn) with dark orange clusters of berries that drape over her stone walkway.

Other trees include: a Bismark palm, Robellini  palms, a Sebastine palm, live oaks, a Chinese fan lady, several large bird of paradise, and  a large Norfolk Island pine that she has used as a Christmas tree.

Even though this is February, the yard is well kept, and with the large trees and bushes, has great curb appeal, and worthy of the recognition as Yard of the Month.

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