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Carver Gym is located at 301 E. Drain St., Bunnell. PHOTO BY SHANNA FORTIER
Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010 9 years ago

Plan: Find outside funding

by: Andrew OBrien Contributing Writer

The County Commission has been attempting to find ways to fund the Bunnell-based gym since the summer.

One thing is certain: Carver Gym, in Bunnell, is going to stay open. The details aren’t as clear.

The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners held a workshop Monday, Dec. 6, to resolve funding issues. The County Commission has been discussing the gym since summer budget discussions, and County Commissioner Barbara Revels took on the responsibility to work with the community to find ways to help fund the $120,000.

Revels, County Administrator Craig Coffey and staff unveiled a plan Monday that would include contributions from a variety of sources — both public and private.

The new plan includes forming a governance board to find funding sources, solidifying the rules at the center and reorganizing the hours and activities available.

Additionally, the proposal calls for funding from many outside sources.

The following agencies would contribute annually: Flagler County ($40,000), city of Bunnell ($10,000), Flagler County School Board ($15,000), Flagler County Crime and Prevention ($15,000), Flagler County Sheriff’s Office ($5,000), Boys & Girls Clubs of America appropriations ($15,000) and non-profit groups ($20,000).

But these groups haven’t agreed to contributing, and the breakdown of the funds also frustrated some of the commissioners.

Commissioner Milissa Holland was bothered that the Boys & Girls Clubs funds would be cut in half.

“Are they aware of that?” Holland said. “To take that … I think that’s completely inappropriate.”

Commissioner Alan Peterson was disturbed by the small amount of money Bunnell would be paying.

“It’s very disappointing to see Bunnell not take an interest in this,” Peterson said.

Revels said Bunnell has been involved throughout the process, and she also acknowledged the only way the County Commission can move forward is to say the gym will remain open and then proceed with finding ways to collaborate with partners.

“I don’t think you can put in concrete — in writing — exactly where those dollars are going to come from,” Revels said. “I think the county has to take the first step and say, ‘This is going to stay open for another year, and how are we going to fund it?’”

The County Commission will meet again Jan. 5, 2011, when Coffey hopes to have a grant application. The grant application is due Jan. 14.

Commission elects chair
County Commissioner Alan Peterson will take over the reigns as chairman from George Hanns, while Commissioner Barbara Revels was named vice chair, replacing former commissioner Bob Abbott.


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