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The Philippine American Association of Palm Coast comprises more than 400 families.
Palm Coast Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011 8 years ago

Philippine American club has a ball

by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

Femi Malcolm-Smith was inducted as the new president of the Philippine American Association of Palm Coast at the 13th Inauguration and Induction Ball Saturday, Feb. 5, at the VFW.

Here is a portion of her message in the event's printed program:

"An important purpose of our Philippine American Association of Palm Coast is to preserve and promote Philippine culture. The Philippines has many islands and several ethnicities, but we can say with certainty that common traits of all Filipinos are warmth, generosity and hospitality.

"Any house you enter is full of conversation and laughter. The warmth of the Filipino is like the ocean, always flowing, always present. These are the essential cultural characteristics that we should preserve and promote right here in our Palm Coast community. You know how they carry that fire from one Olympics to the next? Well, we are the fire-carriers of the Philippines, bringing that magical warmth right here to Palm Coast. I say, let's keep the warmth alive."

Click here for the club's website.

For more photos, see the next print version of the Palm Coast Observer.


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