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Palm Coast Tuesday, Sep. 12, 2017 2 years ago

Palm Coast opens cell phone charging station in Central Park, offers free wifi

Also: The city's wastewater system is taxed. Twelve tanker trucks are out pumping out the pump stations.

The city of Palm Coast has set up a charging station for citizens who need to charge their cell phones at Central Park in Town Center, 975 Central Ave, Palm Coast, according to a Palm Coast government news release. The park also has free wifi for people looking for access to wifi to conduct business or check in with family, employers and friends.

Holland Park is open, with power, so bathrooms are functional. The city has welcomed residents to take their family there and enjoy some outdoor time. There is no wifi at Holland Park.

The city of Palm Coast has also issued the following updates for the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 12:

Wastewater issues

With thousands of residences in Flagler County still without power, wastewater system issues are our No. 1 problem. About 40% of our PEP tank homes still have no power.

The wastewater sewer system can't work properly without power — and it's been inundated with stormwater flooding. So we have 12 tanker trucks pumping out the pump stations to help keep the pipes flowing toward the wastewater plant. We have employee teams taking generators to PEP tank homes to pump down individual PEP tanks. Technicians will get to residents as quickly as possible, but we have a high volume of work orders and so we ask residents to be patient.

If sewage backs up in your toilet or shower, you must immediately stop putting water down the drain. So no flushing, no using water in the sink or shower, no laundry. Call Customer Service at386-986-2360, and they will put in a work order.

For everyone — whether you have power or not — please limit your water use while our entire wastewater system is taxed. This applies to all residents, whether you’re on the gravity sewer system or a PEP tank.

If you get power restored and your PEP alarm sounds (because, of course, it can't while there's no power), call Customer Service at 386-986-2360. But also do the happy dance because your pump is going to start working!


City Hall is still closed; there is no power. The Utility Office is closed. Call Customer Service at 386-986-2360 if you need to reach us. We will reopen as soon as we get power. (City employees ARE working at offices with generators, but our work is mainly focused on storm response right now.)

Frieda Zamba Swimming Pool, Palm Harbor Golf Club and the Palm Coast Tennis Center are still closed. We hope to reopen the tennis center Thursday, Sept. 14 — and also to kick off Senior Games with pickleball singles at 9 a.m. Thursday at Holland Park.

Garbage and recycling

Regular garbage and recycling service by Waste Pro will resume Tuesday, Sept. 12. Please be patient as road conditions may hinder Waste Pro’s efforts to complete routes.

Debris removal

With the amount of vegetative yard trash and construction debris generated by Hurricane Irma, it may take several passes through Palm Coast to pick up all the debris. This process is expected to take several weeks.

NOTE: Don’t pile vegetative debris on your water meter box or your sewer cleanout cap or your PEP tank lid. All are near the front property corner. The city may need access to these systems during storm recovery.

If you have property damage, hire a licensed contractor. All contractors other than for debris removal and landscaping/tree removal are required to have a license. Ask to see the license. Also, get a written estimate and contract before the work starts. Ask to see a copy of a license of any company you consider hiring to perform repairs or check the state website at To check locally licensed contractors, you may check the Flagler County website at Once City Hall reopens, the city of Palm Coast Building Division would be pleased to assist you in looking up information and providing advice on how to choose the right contractor. The number is 386-986-3780.

More information is available on the city’s website at The city is also providing information throughout the event on these social media accounts:

Flagler County Emergency Management is posting storm information at Also tune into the county’s partner radio station WNZF at 1550AM and 106.3FM and the Flagler Radio App worldwide. The Flagler County Emergency Operations Center call-in center number is 386-586-5111.

Any questions about city of Palm Coast services — water and sewer, streets, drainage — should be directed to Customer Service at 386-986-2360.

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