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Palm Coast Thursday, May 9, 2019 1 year ago

Palm Coast moms praised for their priceless advice

Below are the Mother Knows Best contest winners.
by: Paige Wilson Community Editor

Mothers really do know best. The Palm Coast Observer asked locals to submit pieces of advice their mothers gave them that have stuck with them to this day. Then, the public voted to choose two winners. Their submissions tell stories of just how selfless mothers are — and how important it is to keep family a priority.


A selfless instinct

Dawn Atkins (right), of Palm Coast, and her mother, Dottie Clair, of Flagler Beach. Courtesy photo

Submitted by Dawn Atkins, Palm Coast

"The best advice my beautiful mom gave me was always trust your gut instinct. It will never let you down. It holds true today. I use it often when I am trying to make a hard decision. I know that if I have a bad feeling about the situation, then it is probably not a good choice. My mom always knew the right words to say in any situation. She never made motherhood look hard at all — raised five children, raised her granddaughter (Chantelle) with cerebral palsy after my sister passed away from a car accident that brought Chantelle into the world. My parents have raised hundreds of kids in foster care for over 30 years. Sadly, this will most likely be my mom's last Mother's Day on Earth. She is in the last stages of dementia. Her mind and body is no longer hers. She is very weak and very fragile. She has taught me a lifetime of great things to use in my life. Relying on God's purpose has sustained her in her life. There is no mom like my mom. She is a rare gem."


Family first

Joanne Biggers and Jason Giraulo, both of Palm Coast. Courtesy photo

Submitted by Jason Giraulo, Palm Coast

"Mom always taught me the importance of family. I wrote my first letter to my future wife a decade ago talking about my family, and she fell in love. Years later, we still live in the same neighborhood with my parents, aunt and uncle, and just across town from more family members. We spend lots of time with them each month. Now we are starting our own family and look forward to teaching our infant son how wonderful a life full of family can be. Mom was right."

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