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Adrian Zapata. Photos by Jeff Dawsey
Palm Coast Tuesday, Jul. 12, 2016 3 years ago

From Palm Coast with love

FPC alumnus Adrian Zapata believes he can return the Bulldogs to its brotherhood.
by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

After a couple of disappointing seasons, Flagler Palm Coast has called alumnus Adrian Zapata to lead the lacrosse team.

“I can’t wait to bring the love of the game back to FPC,” he said. “I've been following the lacrosse team since I graduated in 2007, and, in the last few years I've seen players leave to play for Matanzas or consider not playing all together.

Zapata returns to Bulldogs country with an abundance of gained knowledge. He has coached Flagler College, currently plays on two teams, and he even refereed for a couple of seasons.

“It was an amazing experience but definitely not easy,” Zapata said. “I have more respect for the men and women who officiate. That experience helped me see the technical part of the game that as a player or coach you wouldn't understand. I now have an understanding of all three sides of the game, from the coach’s perspective, the player’s and referee’s.”

Zapata encountered lacrosse in middle school while living in Long Island, New York. Then he moved to Palm Coast and played goalie for FPC. He and the Bulldogs won a district title before he went into the military.

Now back in his neck of the woods, Zapata hopes to regain the environment he shared while attending FPC.

“I’m confident I can return that confidence and brotherhood FPC once had,” he said.

Box lacrosse: Zapata introduced box lacrosse to Flagler County in June. He picked this form of lacrosse up from the natives of the Onandaga Nation. Similar to field lacrosse, the two share the same concepts, but box lacrosse is played on a hard court, and the game never stops.

“I have most of my boys signed up this summer and I plan on continuing to have them play box over the fall,” Zapata said. “I believe box lacrosse is an essential for all youth and current high school players to develop their field lacrosse abilities.”

Kaleb Green Rafael Soto Robert Ford Adrian Zapata plays box lacrosse and field lacrosse.

 DID YOU KNOW: Adrian Zapata plays for the Palm Coast Sparrows, and he also plays for the Turkey's National Indoor Team.

Say what: “I can’t wait to bring the love of the game back to FPC.”


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