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Palm Coast Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021 4 days ago

Palm Coast drafts guidelines for naming city facilities to honor individuals

The proposed guidelines create a process for selecting individuals based on their civic service contributions.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

A number of Palm Coast city facilities are named after prominent residents: There's the James F. Holland Memorial Park, the Frank Meeker Field at the Indian Trails Sports Complex, the Ralph Carter Park, and the Frieda Zamba Pool at the Palm Coast Aquatics Center.

But Palm Coast doesn't have formal guidelines for how it should select the people after whom it names its facilities, and the city government hopes to change that.

City staff created a proposed set of guidelines and laid them out for the City Council at a Sept. 14 council workshop. 

A city facility, the proposed guidelines state, may be named for an individual, living or deceased, who "has made a significant land and/or monetary contribution to the park, recreation area, facility or municipal building," has "had the contribution made 'in memoriam' and when the name has been stipulated as a condition of the donation," or has "contributed outstanding civic service to the city."

The proposed guidelines also create a process for selecting individuals for their civic service contributions: There would be an open call for submissions, with a nomination form made available to the public.

People would fill out the forms and then turn them in at the city manager's office, and the city's Beautification Environmental Advisory Committee would review the factual assertions in the nominations, then recommend one of the nominees to the City Council.

The City Council would evaluate all of the nominations during a business meeting, then vote on which to choose.

The policy wouldn't apply to core city facilities like City Hall or city fire stations, non-city facilities on city government land, or small park amenities "with an identifiable lifespan and not intended to be permanent," like park benches and tables. Only one name could be designated per city facility. 

The City Council will vote on whether to accept the proposed guidelines during a future business meeting. 

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