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Palm Coast Wednesday, Jun. 3, 2020 1 month ago

Palm Coast Connect may host city website

Also: Mayor’s 90/90 challenge resumes.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

Palm Coast may replace its current city website with a new one built within Palm Coast Connect, the app and website created by software company Coastal Cloud.

Milissa Holland, Palm Coast’s mayor, is an employee of Coastal Cloud.

"We know for certain that none of you will be defined by what you've lost these last months, but instead by what you will find in the years ahead."

— MILISSA HOLLAND, Palm Coast mayor, addressing Flagler County's 2020 graduates by video May 29

Interim Communications Manager Tyler Jarnagin announced the proposed change during a City Council workshop June 2.

“All city information should come to live on Palm Coast Connect as the central hub from which information is then shared to our social media and email accounts,” he said. “Communication Division ultimately wants to work toward the goal of establishing one website as the single source from which all information disseminates.”

The city has increasingly expanded its use of the Palm Coast Connect system.

Initially fielded as a customer service system, it’s now also being used to post press releases and virtual recreational activities and to host the city’s weekly Virtual Town Hall sessions, among other functions.

“Our current system of and splits our audience and has the potential to create confusion about where our residents need to go for information,” Jarnagin said. “So going foreword, communications wants to work with IT to set a timeline to set a goal of assessing the potential for a singular website. ... We realized that it did not make sense, as we try to consolidate ... to create a new website, so we said ‘OK, we can build this in Palm Coast Connect.’ So that’s the ultimate goal.”

The city would add “tiles” to the Palm Coast Connect page that would link to city departments’ landing pages, he said, where residents “can learn about the incredible public projects and work being achieved by the city of Palm Coast.”

Holland said she thought the communications plan presented by Jarnagin was moving in the right direction.

Mayor’s 90/90 challenge resumes

The Mayor’s 90/90 Challenge, an effort to encourage residents to embrace a healthier lifestyle by completing 90 walking miles worth of physical activity in 90 days, resumed June 1 after the city paused it due to COVID-19, according to a news release.

Residents can again log their miles on Palm Coast Connect, and can also add aany miles completed while the challenge was suspended from mid-March through May.

The challenge was originally scheduled for Jan. 6 – April 4. It will now continue through June 30, according to the news release.

Holland offers graduation message

Mayor Milissa Holland offered a graduation message to this year’s high school graduates in a video released May 29.

“You’ve completed your requirements to graduate through even the toughest of times,” she said.  ... Years from now, your class will look back at how you celebrated, with unusual rules, and showed resilience at such a difficult time. It will be a memorable story to tell your children and grandchildren.”

“We know for certain that none of you will be defined by what you’ve lost these last months, but instead by what you will find in the years ahead. ... We’ll need you to find courage in what you choose to pursue and do what you think is right. We need you to find the light by being the light.”

View the message at



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