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Palm Coast Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017 2 years ago

Palm Coast businessman connects minorities to business opportunities

Khalid Muneer, the owner of Jupiter Properties Inc., served as the president of central Florida's Asian American Chamber of Commerce in 2016.
by: Ray Boone Sports Editor

Khalid Muneer is a well-traveled man.

He was born in Pakistan, moved to London when he was 10 and moved to Palm Coast in 1991. He used to speak 10 languages — he speaks just six languages now — and has traveled to 42 countries around the world in search of business opportunities.

For the 66-year-old Muneer, his work has been about plugging minorities into the world of business.

“I’m very active in the business chambers in central Florida,” he said. “The main goal of these chambers is to connect the various ethnic business communities to the mainstream American businesses.”

Muneer was recently awarded the International Leadership Award by the International Leadership Foundation for his role in growing the Asian-American business community as president of central Florida’s Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to helping minorities connect with mainstream business opportunities, Muneer, who started the Orlando-based real estate company Jupiter Properties Inc. in 1997, said he also aims to promote civic awareness and public service.

“We want to make people aware so they can take their rightful place in society,” he said. “Most of the barriers minorities face are the ones they create themselves, and we’re trying to help them remove them.”

Muneer said he hopes winning the award will set an example for those on the cusp of taking on a leadership role in the community. In addition, Muneer added that in order for minorities to take the next step in growth, younger generations have to be engaged.

“They need to get into leadership roles,” he said. “They need to start at the local level and work their way up, so that they can lead their communities in the future.”

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