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Palm Coast Monday, Jun. 5, 2017 3 years ago

Palm Coast Arts Foundation defends Sam Perkovich's unifying effort in the arts community

The PCAF community took exception to a previous letter writer saying Perkovich had a lack of knowledge of local arts venues.

Dear Editor:

In her June 1 letter to the editor, Ms. Kathy Collaro, an artist and active volunteer of a local art group, mentions that she is saddened by my lack of knowledge of local art venues. She clearly has no idea of the long-standing relationship the Palm Coast Arts Foundation has with the Flagler County Art League, The Flagler Playhouse, City Repertory Theatre, The Flagler Youth Orchestra, Salvo Art Project, the Gargiulo Art Foundation to name just a few, and that I am a member, patron or donor to all of them. The walls of my home and my office are graced with local artwork that reminds me daily of the talented art community we have here in Flagler County.

What I find most disconcerting about Ms. Collaro is that she has no desire to enhance her lack of knowledge about the Palm Coast Arts Foundation, it’s work, mission and collaboration with other groups. Upon being offered to meet and discuss the concerns that her letter to the editor produced, she was more concerned about being disturbed at home.

Sam Perkovich


Palm Coast Arts Foundation

Sam Perkovich is a true leader in the arts

Dear Editor:

I almost spit up my coffee reading the letter to the editor by Kathy Collaro on June 1. Anyone who is really involved in the arts community knows that Sam Perkovich not only supports our local theater community, she also purchases local art for her new Parkside offices in Town Center.

Sam Perkovich also personally and professionally supports our young musical geniuses in the Flagler Youth Orchestra. What the public may not know is that she often funds PCAF to make additional scholarship gifts available for the annual Refolo Scholarship (for students pursuing a career in the arts through the local high schools), helps support additional teachers and instruments to the Flagler Youth Orchestra over the years, pays for many things that PCAF gets the credit for — all in the name of PCAF and not her.

Is this sad? I think not.

She is considered, among many, a true leader in the community by forging new relations and paths for the arts to flourish in our community — together. The success of PCAF is because of her dedication and commitment. Our board continues to look to her as the one that spearheads our progress.

Nancy Crouch

Executive Director

Palm Coast Arts Foundation

We do have a void when it comes to the arts

Dear Editor:

I disagree with Kathy Collaro’s June 1 letter. Under Sam Perkovich’s leadership, the Palm Coast Arts Foundation has worked in joint efforts with other arts groups. Our plans for development of a Center for the Arts in Palm Coast includes shared use of that complex by local arts and cultural organizations. 

My wife and I have enjoyed having access to major art events as residents of Chicago and the Washington Metropolitan area. Once we moved to Palm Coast, we experienced a void when it comes to the arts. It is just not on the same level. That’s the point that I believe Sam Perkovich was trying to convey. That goal is achievable if we continue to work together.

Leon McLaurin

PCAF vice president

Perkovich and PCAF bring the arts together

Dear Editor:

Ms. Kathy Collaro’s criticism of Sam Perkovich is without merit.

First of all, Ms. Collaro does not know that Sam Perkovich is a lifetime patron of the Flagler Auditorium as was her belated mother. Also under her leadership, PCAF has gained the support of the chamber, the city and the county for PCAF's effort to promote and support the development of the arts in Flagler County and the community.

I have firsthand experience as a former 12-year real estate agent in Flagler County, encountering many customers that were disappointed in the lack of availability of art venues in our community.

In addition, our underserved community of Palm Coast and Flagler County was considered a cultural desert by the state of Florida Chamber and the state cultural arts organization.

I would also like to point out that PCAF led the effort to help the local chamber form the Arts Alliance that brought all of the art organizations together.

The absence of major arts venues in our community and the only existence of a limited-access high school auditorium with limited major entertainment and the absence of major art galleries that can bring national art shows and showcase the talents of the many talented local artists in our midst, is what made PCAF and its founders to embark on our master plan.

Joe Ganci Sr.

Past President/Trustee

Palm Coast Arts Foundation

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