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Palm Coast Friday, Mar. 15, 2019 7 months ago

Over 300 students gear up for Future Problem Solvers affiliate competition

Students from six Flagler County Schools have been invited to compete.
by: Paige Wilson Community Editor

Press release by Andy Dance, Flagler County School Board member

The following is a summary of Flagler County School District students (categorized by school) that excelled at the recent Future Problem Solving District competition and have been invited to participate in the Florida FPS Affiliate Competition to be held March 17-20 at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando. A total of 332 students from six different schools will attend the 2019 Florida FPS Affiliate competition.


Flagler Palm Coast High School: 

FPCHS has 126 students attending the 2019 Florida FPS affiliate competition. Of the 126 students, 61 students are ninth-graders in the Middle division and 65 students are in grades 10-12 in the Senior division.


Global Issues Problem Solving:

FPCHS is proud to announce the following FPS Global Issues writers invited to State: 13 Individual writers, 61 team writers competing in eight different teams, 52 MAGIC writers, six Scenario writers and three Scenario Performances.


3 Individual CmPS Projects:

Fork in the Road – Elissa Figliuzzi

Root to Rise – Ekatereena Kouzina

Think Out Loud – Valerie Diaz


13 Group CmPS Projects consisting of 84 students:

A.C.E. (Appreciate Communicate Engage) – Jessica Bispo, Danielle Eldredge, Ashley Luo, Meghan McVey, Kiley Rogers, Dalton Simmons

F.L.A.M.E.S. (First Responders, Law Enforcement and Military Exhibit Support) – Dylan Babushkin, Hailey Bovino, Emma Kalcounos, Garrick Swartz

Flagler Birdhouse Project – Kaylee Briggs, Aaron Cope, Ane Laurie Joseph, Dylan Long, Michael Scarcella, Daniel Skinner, Gabrielle Wong, Emma Zverinsky

FPC Bulldog Patrol – Nicholas Blumengarten, Abbigail Carver, Gabrielle Jackson, Sydni Leon, Katia Martynuk, Will Patin

Globe – Ian Besoux, Logan Brown, Wyatt Hansen, Rachel lee, Bryan Soudrain

Hours 4 Ours – Ashley Buglione, Rylee Millikan, Lily Murphy, Caroline Rizzo, Emma Tice, Tate Underberg

Juuls are for Fuuls – Nick Bereznicki, E. Hawkins, Alexandra Khoriakov, Kenneth Logan, Jerry Mock, Cole Thomas

Project E.M. Power – Schneald Castor, Amanda Condrey, Sophia Mikos, Gabriel Moyer, Cooper Mullen, Roman Perera, Priva Tomerlin

Project F.L.O.A.T.S. – Kolbie Adams, Anniel Buchanan, Diego Carrascosa, Cayla Joseph, Riley Kuiper, Morgan Mitchell, Michael Mwaura, Desiree Ruiz, William Vierengel

Project Interaction Initiative – Taylor Carroll, Jesse Doolin, Nathaniel Gasparini, Anastasia Hawley, Kyle McDonnell, Trinity Moment, Daniel Wolcott

Project Listen – Alvin Deap, Marco L’heureux, Mikaella Penagos, Meagan Phok, Emma Register

Project Mentality – Ashley Andrews, Kylie Bruckert, Therese Dy, Soulyda Pen, Kyleigh Ruddy, Angela Snider

Project Renew – Arabella Borges, Isabella Colindres, Sean Gilliam, Mervyn Gong, Paul Grau, Jr., Alan Hale, Madelynn Oliva, Molly Poeng, Krish Sagar


Indian Trails Middle School:

ITMS has 72 students attending the 2019 Florida FPS affiliate competition. All 72 students are participating in the Middle division.


Global Issues Problem Solving:

ITMS is proud to announce the following FPS Global Issues writers invited to State:

6 Individual writers – Ben Higgs, Merrit Rice, Logam Shafer, Thomas Sturman, Jayden Turnage, Marquaye Williams


Community Problem Solving:

Sixty-six ITMS FPS students are participating in 10 Community Problem Solving groups:

Three Individual CmPS Projects:

  • Ocean Rescue SUP – Hailey Tucker

  • ZAPS – Tristan Skinner

  • Everyone Deserves to Graduate – Ella Marin

Seven ITMS Group CmPS Projects consisting of 66 students:

  • Flagler F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  – Leila Jackson, Stanley Gatzek, Jack Gilvary, Chase Magee, Justin Gilliam, Brendan Wang, Grayson Paeugh, Emma Mitteldorfer, Kyra Baldwin, Maken HArding

  • No Roads Lead to Homes – Zachary Bennet, Isabella Colindres, Joel Gargon, Alana Poole, Senna Thayer

  • Waste Not, Want Not  – Cameron Driggers, Lucy Noble, Alysa Visal, Madelyn Simms, Hannah Kurek, Kevin Wolfe, Jackson Casteneda, Smamantha Stone, Greyson Ronk, Jack Petocz

  • Memes – Hemawaite Ragnauth, Emma Cauley, Laila Davis, Hannah Goff, Kiya McDermott, Kiara Greens, Aiden Giaconne Alice Pekarsky

  • Operation Limit Technology – Austin Weeks, Aiden White, Glynnis Gong, Dalton Roberts, Benjamin Skinner, Samantha Simon, Alyssa Reyentovich, Elizabeth Ferguson, Malina Hreib

  • Skills – Chloey Rudy, Veronica King, Katelyn Telfer, Genesis Epstein, Robert Miller, Carlos Silva, Matthew Nevod, Paige Reckenwald, Ben Kopach, John Newman, Victoria Ganung

  • SFC (Student Food Contribution) – Rylee Stives, Julietta Kauffman, Paisley Armstrong, Charlotte Fletcher, Genesis Santiago-Gil, Sadieth TArr, Lexis Angel


Buddy Taylor Middle School:

Buddy Taylor Middle School has 54 students attending the 2019 Florida FPS Affiliate competition. All 54 students will be competing in the Middle Division.


Global Issues-Team:

The following BTMS students have earned a place in the State FPS Global Issues Writing competition this year:

Team writing: Brendan Aldridge, Emma Coates, Daniela Salazar and Jasmine Sites

Individual writing: Holden Slatinsky & Abigail Taylor


CmPS Groups:

The following Community Problem Solving Projects have been invited to compete in the State competition:

  • Reasons to STAY (Students Trying to Abate Yearnings for suicide) --- 11 members

    • Piper Bowers, Sabrina Dasilva-Carvalheira, Noreen Fajardo, Jasial Jackson, Gabrielle Jurado, Julia Kurdziel, Chloe Long, Jasmine Sites, Abigail Taylor, Wade Zimmerle, Jordan Youngman

  • SMILE (Students Making It a Little Easier) ---9 members

    • Brendan Aldridge, Abigail Blaine, Marisa Canizales, Emma Coates, Madison Murphy, Christina Nguyen, Destiny Ruiz, Ariana Russell, Daniela Salazar

  • HOPE (Helping Open People's Eyes) --- 9 members

    • Sebastian Azevedo, Skylar Carroll, Madison Chavis, Josephine D'Elia, Nicholas Growth, Cadyn Herndon, Edwina Mezo, Matas Vaitkevicius, Maddox Kil

  • STOP (Stop, Take a breath, Observe your thoughts, & Proceed stress free) --- 8 members

    • Jailyn Allen, Caden Cavas, Devynne Martz, Alyssa Williams, Bryce Willis, Madilyn Winternheimer, Joshua Lebron, Kalel Deguzman

  • ROSI (Restoring Our School's Image) --- 10 members

    • Jake Blumengarten, Diego Costa, Hailey Foresman-Womack, Jameer Johnson, Eric Lin, Shannelle Madden, Ella Oshri, Dominique Turner, Stephen Pelley, James Troy

  • SADDLE (Smoking And Drugs Destroy Lives Eternally) -- 9 members

    • Rodgy Bien-Aime, Daniel Jennette, Matthew Olsen, Skylar Middleton, Ashley Polyak-Brown, Natalie Rivera, Holden Slatinsky, Megan Wise, Javen Young


Old Kings Elementary School

This is the third year of FPS at Old Kings Elementary School.  OKES has 11 students attending the State Competition; seven in CmPS and four as GIPS alternates.


Community Problem Solving:

"Love for Elders"

Members: Miranda Spencer, Melinda Aue, Ella Koehler, Aubrei Sleep, Brooke Berrios, Rhiana Butkiewitz, & Kate Kern.

The GIPS alternates:  Olivia Hernandez, Lillian Guimond, Ava Jack Garcia, & Milaslava Carvaja


Rymfire Elementary School

Rymfire Elementary School is proud to announce that 46 students have been invited to the Florida FPS Affiliate competition in the following categories:


Global Issues Problem Solving:

20 team writers competing in four different teams

one Scenario writers


CmPS Groups:

  • T.A.L.K.

Members include: Dalton Dickinson, Mary Wilcox, Sophie Pedro, Nyzarria Brock, Nichole Dickinson, Amanda Moore, Madeline Rezendes, Hannah Zubliones

  • PALS

Members include: Samantha Newell, Hailey Londono, Marion Clayton, Anna Gimbel, Kade Manley, Jack Wronowski, Kuliegh Brown

  • RES, Yes!

Members include: Jasmine Vitkauskas, Eva Sites, Kalista Chadwell, Tiana Mitchell, Josia Baccus, Nicki Hollis, Reggie Bass

  • A.R.T.S.

Members include: Morgan Chafe, Reese Dingle, Noah Doolin, Ava Wheaton, Connor D’Agostino, Abbie Blumengarten, Aniyah Graham, Lily Lisowski, Layla Croslin, Savannah Tawbush

  • T.R.A.I.N.

Members include: Ashley Kassan, Wyatt Christlieb, Jacob Moss, Aria King, Desirae Astrologo, Desmond Akmentins, Jasmine Santana, Nyla King


Bunnell Elementary School

BES is proud to announce that 23 students are attending the 2019 Florida FPS affiliate competition.


Global Issues Problem Solving:

BES has the following FPS Global Issues writers invited to State:

eight team writers competing in two different teams

three MAGIC writers


Community Problem Solving:

BES has three Community Problem Solving teams attending the Affiliate competition:

  • Project SOS (Save our Skin)

  • Project HHH (Helping Hospital Homebound)

  • F.L.I.P.S. (Florida Life Important Pool Safety)


Find Future Problem Solving Program of Flagler County  at  and on Twitter: @FlaglerFPS

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