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Palm Coast Monday, May 21, 2018 2 years ago

OPINION: Flagler County Republican Club becomes a 'big tent' locally and capitalizes on Trump's success in office so far

Even those who opposed Trump are finding the truth undeniable. The economy is on the upswing, and Americans are feeling a renewed sense of optimism.

Danielle Anderson

Guest Writer

The Flagler County Republican Club has finally become something it has wanted to be for a number of years — the big tent.

Perhaps it is the mix of younger board members from diverse backgrounds like myself and Treasurer David Alfin working alongside seasoned board members, some of whom, like Vice President Richard Russell, Secretary Linda Osborn, immediate Past President and Senior Adviser Wes Priest and retired Flagler Clerk of Courts, Past President and Senior Adviser Gail Wadsworth, bring to the table an enthusiasm and willingness to try new things in addition to continuing the initiatives that have been successful for over two decades, including awarding our first ever Flagler County Republican Club Youth Scholarships in 2018.  

The exciting part of this past year and a half is seeing the new faces come through the door, wanting to get involved. Folks of every age, skill, ability and ethnicity are coming in to learn more about what Republicans are doing in Flagler County. We’re seeing people who have never voted before get registered through the efforts of Bob Updegrave, our voter outreach coordinator. We’re seeing people who have been lifelong members of one party or no party switch and what it tells us is that people like the message Republicans are sharing.

The changes on the local level, I believe, are a direct result of what’s happening on the national level. Those who identified strongly with President Donald Trump’s message during the campaign have continued to be active and passionate about supporting the Make America Great Again agenda.

Those slow to warm up to MAGA have seen a man who campaigned on promises working diligently to keep them, and for those folks, it’s a refreshing change to have an elected official keep their word.

Even those who opposed Trump are finding the truth undeniable. The economy is on the upswing, and Americans are feeling a renewed sense of optimism. People are seeing more money in their paychecks with the tax cuts. Nations are stepping up to do their part across the globe, and relationships between the United States and other world leaders are being strengthened because they see we have a president who is serious about the job.

Heading into the 2018 primaries, candidates are using every opportunity afforded them, whether it is through the Flagler Republican Candidate Forum Series, our annual BBQ and Blue Ribbon Cake & Pie Contest, our monthly booth at First Friday in Flagler Beach or other outreach activities, to interact with voters and showcase their message with the help of some of Flagler County’s most dedicated volunteers. Many of us on the local level are eagerly looking forward to the 2018 Sunshine Summit in Kissimmee, hosted by the Republican Party of Florida, where candidates for the Fox News Gubernatorial Debate will take place on June 28.

One of our main goals as the Flagler County Republican Club is to help connect these candidates to the voters, providing members of our community the opportunity to make an educated choice in the voting booth based on their interaction with the candidates, from the local races up to the federal level. 

We welcome questions, volunteers and those who want to learn more about candidates seeking higher office, and the best part – you don’t have to be a member or elected to join us at a meeting! We look forward to seeing you because we really do put the fun in being a Republican!

Danielle Anderson is president of the Flagler County Republican Club. For more information, visit

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