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Approximately 200 runners participated May 7 in the first-annual Arbor Day 5k. Two Matanzas runners won the male and female divisions.
Palm Coast Monday, May 9, 2011 9 years ago

One-two-tree: Results from Arbor Day 5k

by: Andrew OBrien Contributing Writer

The results are in for the first-annual Arbor Day 5k Root Run. And the winners are ...

Overall Male Champion: Cameron Allen — 17:27
Overall Female Champion: Hannah Loder — 21:23

Male ages 1-14:
Daniel Yevseyevich, 1st — 32:24
Matthew Nevod, 2nd

Female ages 1-14:
Marian Ailes, 1st — 24:52
Adnana Osorio, 2nd
Madison Hald, 3rd
Adrianna Branett, 4th

Male ages 15-19:
Austin Neu,1st — 18:17
Simon Ep, 2nd
Dean Rulapaugh, 3rd
Dimitri Draskovic, 4th

Female ages 15-19:
Kerry Norberg, 1st — 26:50

Male ages 20-24:
Billy Calvert, 1st — 19:19
John Scully, 2nd
Alex Grow, 3rd
Michael Grow, 4th

Female ages 20-24:
Ashley Forte,  1st — 24:09
Diasha Moes, 2nd
Tara Lacasse, 3rd
Lauren Bennett, 4th

Male ages 25-29:
Steven White, 1st — 19:33
Ethan Bowman, 2nd
Christopher Knox, 3rd 
Chadwick DeMarco, 4th 

Female ages 25-29:
Kathleen Parks, 1st — 23:31
Catherine Althouse, 2nd 
Kristin Jarecki, 3rd
Holly Cunningham, 4th

Male ages 30-34:
Beau Falgout, 1st — 24:20
Alfredo Mabini, 2nd 
Brett Cunningham, 3rd 
Ryan Vanportfliet, 4th

Female ages 30-34:
Kelly Lohman, 1st — 24:49
Jaque Kroul, 2nd
Jenn Geiss, 3rd
Jamie Miller, 4th

Male ages 35-39:
Kevin McDonnell, 1st — 22:00
James Menard, 2nd
James Mesuita, 3rd
Keith DeDeo, 4th

Female ages 35-39:
Melissa Sepe, 1st — 23:33
Kori Dahlberg, 2nd
Angela Torres, 3rd
Melissa Lynch, 4th

Male ages 40-44:
Danny Weed, 1st — 18:11
Mickey Garrett, 2nd
Sergey Nevod, 3rd
Carol Cote, 4th

Female ages 40-44:
Maria Publiese, 1st — 24:38
Ginger Coffey, 2nd
Kimberly Lee, 3rd
Lois Duncan, 4th

Male ages 45-49:
Jody Marolf, 1st — 19:59
Jake Scully, 2nd
Miguel Rivera, 3rd
Robert Anderau, 4th

Female ages 45-49:
Rosalene Carey, 1st — 26:16
Randi Fashacht, 2nd
Wendy Welch, 3rd
Robin Grow, 4th

Male ages 50-54:
Ignacio Lopez, 1st — 21:32
Tom Groves, 2nd
Thomas Hurt, 3rd
Jum Godoy, 4th

Female ages 50-54:
Sharmon Moes, 1st — 24:20
Donn Cobos, 2nd
Petra Hayhurst, 3rd
Ana Montesclaros, 4th

Male ages 55-59:
Charlie Slaughter, 1st — 20:32
Donnie Walker, 2nd 
Bill Butler, 3rd
David Tibbetts, 4th

Female ages 55-59:
Lois McDermott, 1st — 24:38
Marianne Harris, 2nd 
Michele Seyfert, 3rd
Jane Tibbetts, 4th 

Male ages 60-64:
Glenn Partelow, 1st — 25:38
Wayne Merill, 2nd
Stephen Wing, 3rd
Andrew Hitas, 4th

Female ages 60-64:
Pauline Gray, 1st — 26:45
Donna Settles, 2nd 
Sherill Crotts, 3rd
Jane Walter, 4th 

Male ages 65-69:
Hugo Hammond, 1st — 26:36
Ronald Redding, 2nd

Female ages 65-69:
Dale Forsythe, 1st 

Results provided by the city of Palm Coast. 

Click here for a photo gallery of the race. 

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