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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021 3 months ago

One letter praises Netts' vision for Palm Coast, another laughs at a particular Trump sign ...

Here's what your neighbors are talking about.
by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

Continue Netts’ exceptionalist legacy

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the tribute to former Mayor Jon Netts. May he rest in peace. The best way for the city to memorialize him is to carry forth his extremely successful vision of a city that was and is exceptional due to its natural beauty.

Mr. Netts followed in the footsteps of Lewis Wadsworth Jr., who once owned much of what is now Palm Coast and was an ardent conservationist, insisting on maintaining the natural feel and integrity. Whether in better managing litter (enforcement and signage are currently very lacking) or continuing the city's exemplary maintenance of medians, it behooves us all to pay close attention to the natural aspects of the city that, in the midst of the current boom in development, could be severely and permanently compromised, hurting not just aesthetics but in the end the city's home values by loss of its signature "exceptional" qualities.

Michael H. Brown

Palm Coast


Local Trump-Biden sign proved to be ironic

Dear Editor:

For a few days after the 2020 General Election, a homemade sign was placed at the intersection of Palm Coast Parkway and Harbor Center Way. The sign was quite large with pink lettering, and it read: "TRUMP FANS RALLY, BIDEN FANS RIOT." Ironically, the exact opposite occurred on Jan. 6.

Andrea Karros

Palm Coast



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