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Palm Coast Thursday, May 16, 2019 6 months ago

On shore restoration in Flagler County, plus Facebook reactions

Readers respond to Kimberly Lee and the Swale Patrol.
by: Guest Writer

Thanks for restoring our shore

Dear Editor:

I'd like thank Mr. Greg Hansen, Ms. Faith Alkhatib and the county staff who worked hard to "restore the shore.” The replenishment along our beach line here in Matanzas Shores was most welcome. Not only does it add to our ability to defend against another surge, it has added a bit to our beach. The project was also a great example how owners and county staff can work together for the benefit of all.

John Moreno

Palm Coast


Facebook reactions

Racist threats

In a Q+A with Kimberly Lee, the Flagler Palm Coast teacher who took a leave of absence after enduring racist threats, she said: "Those attacks were directed to me, but those comments affected every black and brown person at the school, and I don’t think people recognize that. No one addressed that at all. That’s extremely disappointing. I think people feel like if we don’t talk about it, it kind of goes away."

These are some of the comments were posted on Facebook in response:

Jeff Ed Quit playing the race card.

Michael Cuthbert Fake news

Shawn Stone I am not surprised by the some of the comments or the thoughts of those commenting. After all, we must all be willing to look inside ourselves and truly SEE any flaws. Then we must address those flaws. Many don't want to admit that our country has a race problem. This never, ever would have been tolerated if a group of black students were using racist comments and threatening to murder a white teacher. They would have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law IF (a big IF) they made it to the jail alive. We have to do better, we have to make changes, we have to protect and stand up for others that are treated as less than. We just must.

Steve Briand I can not believe we are in 2019 and racism still exists. What ever happened to live and let live? God bless you and I hope you have many success in your life.

Sharon Leah Richardson-Militano Seems since the Obama administration racism has erupted. There was no problem with confederate statutes or all these riots about petty crap. I'm sick to death of the race card!!!!! You reap what you sow, no matter your color.

Jill Luehrs Crawford Miss Lee- You are amazing, and I support you and the fact you will go back in to the teaching trenches I admire so much. Hate is real, but I truly believe the good students outweigh the bad. I respect and admire your tenacity. Keep doing what you do, lady


Swale patrol

Another story, called "The Palm Coast swale patrol," told about Code Enforcement officers who spend one morning each week, from 3:30 a.m. to 6 a.m., looking for cars parked in swales. Here are some of the Facebook responses:

Walter Miraballes Put a tent over it and tell them the car is homeless they cant do anything about it lol

George Dacosta So what day do they do this? Asking for a friend.

Candy Crosson I can't stand a government that goes out to purposely look for reason to fine their own citizens. Generally if an employee sees something on his way to and from a job of REAL importance they could and should stop and give a warning about a broken rule. But this is intolerable that you have people just doing it as a job.

Thomas Barry All these people complaining . I understand your frustration but Why did you move here? You can’t pick and chose which codes you are willing to follow .

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